Friday, January 6, 2012

A Cartier Pocket Watch for SIHH 2012

At the SIHH 2012 Cartier will reveal an enchanting skeletonized pocket watch inspired from its 1930's pocket watch collection.  However other than the actual pocket watch idea, perfectly round shape, signature blued Cartier hands, triangular fob attachment, Cartier's latest pocket watch seems to appear from another dimension, whereas its 1930's counterpart seems rather plain and unassuming: A wholly functional timepiece rather than a work of art.   
Cartier's skeletonized pocket watch evokes a sense of mysterious awe as if it should be placed on clock tower.  The clock tower image is evoked by the skeletonized Roman Numerals making the pocket watch seem larger than life, but soon enough one eyes are drawn to the incredible craftmanship beyond the hour markers.
 The 59mm white gold pocket watch is powered by a Calibre 9436 MC Renaud et Papi hand-winding movement. Not surprising since Cartier has used a Renaud et Papi movement for its highly complex timepieces for some years now, especially for its SIHH limited edition watches. This pocket watch is a perfect example of a highly complicated timepiece,  and for the lucky owners will provide an heirloom for generations to come. 

The pocket watch is equipped with a perpetual calender, which is a complication accounting for the differing lengths of months and leap years. Most perpetual calenders need no adjustment until 2100. The Perpetual Calendar increases the watches worth as a result of its highly complex configuration requiring many components and highly skilled craftsmanship.  A tourbillon visible from both the front and back of the timepiece is quite a fitting complication for a pocket watch, for it was the pocket watch Abraham Louis Breguet placed the balance wheel and escapement within a rotating cage.  He did this to counteract the effects gravity had on the movement of a pocket watch while it was kept vertically in a pocket.  The question of whether a tourbillon does effectively negate the effects of gravity on the movement of a watch is highly debatable, but it does seems quite apt in a pocket watch.  A highly popular chronograph movement makes this already coveted timepiece into one of blatant longing.  A chronograph mono pusher enables one to command the "start, stop and reset" functions via a single button.
The aesthetics of the timepiece is undeniable.  Crafted from white gold, the streamlined skeletonization combines contemporary design with traditional watchmaking.  Blue hands and matching sapphire cabochon atop the crown declares that this watch is wholly Cartier.
Upon purchase of the Cartier pocket watch by those fortunate few (only 10 pieces will be made), the watch will be delivered with a rock crystal and obsidian stand, and a white gold chain and fob.
If I were standing on a lonely railroad station inquiring the time from the only other person in sight and if he were to extract this timepiece from an emerald green waistcoat, I would wonder if I had not been transported to a place of enchantment  far far away.


  1. It is always great to see beautiful timepieces from the big brands. This pocket watch is very different from what I've already seen, it is truly a different design.

  2. Wow thats some watch, the work thats gone into its amazing.