Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unearthen Watches Embrace the Power of Crystal

Lead a hectic life where the world seems to bombard you with constant sensory streams?  Need to feel a calming sensation where time seems to stand still for a mere moment?  How about an Unearthen watch.  Unearthen products utilize the metaphysical properties of crystals placed on a watch or on jewelry.  Unearthen does not manufacture a watch from scratch, but uses vintage watch parts and replaces the watch crystal with a rugged chunky pyramid quartz.    Unearthen products seem to have caught on quite nicely by celebs and even spotted on Jessica Alba and Mary Kate Olsen.
The exciting aspect of an Unearthen watch is that each piece is utterly unique comprising of parts from different watches and jewelry. 
To me, the timepieces exude an aura of mystical steam punk.

I am not sure about the healing or calming properties of the crystal, but I do know this ... if you look into the depth of the crystal and gaze at the face of your watch, you can see the future becoming the present becoming the past.

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