Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Frank Muller's Largest Tourbillon Now in the Midst of Dazzling Diamonds

Frank Muller Giga Tourbillon Paved in Diomands

It seems quite fitting for the largest tourbillon ever to be incorporated into a wristwatch be surrounded by diamonds.  These dazzling Giga Tourbillons were unveiled  last month at the 2012 World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie (WPHH).
The Giga Tourbillon  Collection was first introduced in 2011.  The tourbillon, on these watches,  commands half the space on the dial and measures a whopping 20mm in diameter.  I first blogged  Frank Muller's Tourbillon Collection back in 2011.
This new glamorous 18K white cold Cintrée CurvexTM”-shaped Giga Tourbillon case is paved with 474 diamonds amounting to 9.57 cts. 280 White diamonds upon the dial surround the tourbillon like a cloud.
The tourbillon itself is a feat of engineering conjoined to a  manual wound FM 2100 caliber movement capable of a 10 day power reserve.    This type of technique enabling this amount of power reserve for such a large watch mechanism is quite rare and virtually unheard of beyond the beautiful grounds of Frank Muller's Watchland.    The Giga Tourbillon is actually fitted with two pairs of spring boxes, both 16mm in diameter. Most tourbillon's are fitted with only one or two.

In order not to mask the immense tourbillon on either side of the watch case, the watch is not fitted with a rotor, but rather  wound at the crown. The movement is equipped with  four barrels beating at a frequency of 18,000 vph and comprises of 29 jewels and 240 components.  Hand chamfering and circular graining adds to the impeccable finishing of the movement.

This watch is part of a host of other Giga Tourbillon diamond studded models housing a 693 diamond studded movement on bridge and plate. The watch is available in white gold, pink gold or PVD covered in black diamonds.

Wearing a Giga Tourbillon Watch will sure get you noticed big time.

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