Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An H for Hermès

Stately and elegant, the Hermès H our timepiece accentuates the lugs and bezel by boldly merging them into the shape of an H. Since 1996, the H design ,brainchild of Philippe Mouquet, proudly sports the letter representing the Hermès brand itself, and its distinguished presence in the world of Horology. The new H our collection still bares the signature bezel, but the new collection will frame a slightly different dial. The change is subtle yet distinct. The numeral on the left and right of the dial, are placed on their sides, facing inwards towards the dagger shaped hour and minute hands. The numerals above and below the dial are upright. Diamonds replace numbers, in some models, save for the bold 12 'o'clock numeral.

The watch is presented with a simple tool, which enables a change of strap to match the wearers mood. Two straps accompany the watch, an alligator and calfskin strap , and a Jacquard woven silk strap in a attractive herringbone motif. The silk strap comes in an array of exquisite color combinations, such as navy blue and black, taupe and ebony, bright red and Hermès red or ecru and dark beige.

For the very first time, the dial is available for men in a larger 32.2 mm x 32.2 mm size. This automatic mechanical timepiece is distinguished from the quartz version by a seconds hand and a date aperture at the 6 'o'clock position.


  1. One of the finest watches of the world. Adorable pictures. I would love to have couple of them.Thanks a lot for sharing this with us ! !

  2. finally ive been waiting for H hour,but some said that H hour only for womens,and now they will know this good news