Friday, June 17, 2011

New Tokyo Flash Watch Takes Breathalyzer Test

Tokyo Flash is known for unique time displays, but now they are unveiling a watch with a unique watch function as well.
Their latest innovation is an LCD digital watch which has the capability of measuring the blood alcohol level with the aid of a tiny functional breathalyzer and an internal computer.

Going out for a drink? Wondering if you have had one to many? Simply press the Alcohol Test button and breath into a port situated on the side of the watch. After a bit, the color on the LCD will change according to your blood alcohol level. Green shows extremely low or negligent alcohol content and red for "Man! You are seriously drunk. Give me the keys to your car!"
Crafted from stainless steel, available in black, the Tokyo Flash is operated via touch screen technology.

If this watch is really a reliable indicator of blood alcohol content, and it has been tested and retested to insure its accuracy, then I applaud its potentially life saving use. However, if this watch is prone to unreliable readings, then it can cause more harm then good.

This is a great idea by Tokyo Flash, but it must be understood that this watch is displayed not merely as a cute unique time display, but the representation of a serious condition and the impeded integrity of a person's cognitive functioning - the cause of many accidents and loss of lives.

I would love to see your comments on this one.

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