Monday, January 10, 2011

Borgeaud's Septagraph. A Reflection on a Complication

I had never heard of a Septagraph before, and the mere word sent tingles up and down my tongue like tasting something for the very first time. "A Septagraph is a brand new complication!" I rubbed my hands in anticipation opening my mind to a new concept in watch making and time telling. Little did I know that opening my mind is exactly what I had to do, since a Septagraph is an indicator of daily time allotment for personal inner reflection, contemplation and introspection. The Septagraph stems from the ancient Indian 'Panchang' (calendar) which displays the 'Rahu Kaal' or daily strategic period for personal reflection based on the traditions of ancient India's astrological recordings. Between the 3 and 4 'o'clock position, a curved arrow originates from a "Strategic Period Capsule". The Function of the Septagraph is to indicate the time of daily 90 minute period of complete solitary reflection. When the period of reflection commences, the arrow fills with red and precisely drains over the course of that time. A sub dial indicates the days of the week as well as the time to begin the reflection period comprised of 90-minute divisions between sunrise to sunset. This watch is incredibly useful to busy people who need to plan there day according to this reflection period.
The large 46mm watch case is crafted from a single piece of 18-carat rose or white gold, and is quite light and thin at only 12.4mm thick. The dial is a serene combination of Roman and Arabic Numeral crafted from 18k gold and hand applied to the dial.
Convex sapphire crystal adorn and protect the 6 piece multi-level dial. A wide transparent case back enables a view of the exquisitely self-winding Calibre 11501 beating at a rate of 28,000 vph with a 42 hour power reserve.
Exceptional finishing,circular-graining, chamfered bridges deserve the distinction of the Geneva Seal.
This watch is also available in 18k white gold with blue accents.

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