Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hublot Masterpiece MP-01 Brings on a New Look

Tonneau and all Hublot. For all seasoned watch addicts as myself it seems Hublot's 4th collection takes some getting used to. In my mind, Hublot's watches are round, as in Big Bang Round, King Power Round and Classic Fusion Round; however, the new Masterpiece collection is very tonneau. Actually very much like a Richard Mille timepiece.

It seems Hublot is working on attracting those potential customers who really don't like round watches, and who really like grand complications.
The very first piece in Hublot's new "not-round" collection, is the MP-01 (MasterPiece No.1). The Mp-01 barrel shaped case is crafted from extremely lightweight resilient titanium, housing a barrel shaped column wheel chronograph movement, which also is curved to follow the contours of the watch. The movement is crafted "in-house" from inception to completion. This is one of the goals of Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot, who wants more Hublot "in-house" production with superior quality and efficient production.

Comprising of 384 parts and 43 jewels, the HUB5100 is a harmonious configuration of three barrels functioning in series allowing for a ten day power reserve indicated on the case back. The HUB5100 must be admired and so the dial is open worked revealing the curvaceous chronograph. Situated on the dial is three counters; chronograph seconds at the 3 'o'clock; chronograph minutes at the 9 'o'clock and small seconds counter at the 6 'o'clock.

The metal work is absolutely powerful making the watch seem larger than life like the steel joists of a skyscraper construction towering over the city.

Although the shape is quite different from other Hublot timepieces, there are quite a few distinctly Hublot aspects to this watch. The shape of the lugs have a distinct Hublot look, as does the skeleletonized hand indicators, and the overall power of presence which always seems to surround a Hublot timepiece.

Hublot is treading with caution and only releasing 100 pieces at the moment, and as a result of the extremely complex craftsmanship only one or two Masterpiece Models will be unleashed each year.

Still, Hublot is still all round in my mind and if you would like to purchase a Hublot timepiece, visit us at THE WATCHERY.

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