Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weirdest Watch Straps Ever by Artya

Artya watches are always quite creative. This time it seems as though Artya went rummaging through the long forgotten basement of a Museum of Natural History and upended jars of butterfly wings and something else to create its new "Farfalla" collection. "Farfalla, of course, is butterfly in Italian. But it is not the butterfly wings situated on the dials that got my attention. What caught my attention is the watches obviously bumpy straps. Recognize the material. No its not a galuchat strap fashioned from stingray skin -the like of which is used by De Grisogono. This strap is fashioned from something quite different. Something which may very well be cast into a witches brew.
The strap is made from toad skin. Just the thought sends shivers down my spine, but I am sure some people may like the idea. Like the idea very much.
And what of the dial? The dial, as I mentioned before, harbors genuine butterfly wings - hand plucked from the finest butterflies. And the bezel? The one bezel has been subjected to electric shocks giving the watch an eery discolored look. The other bezel bares multiple lacerations - looking very much like a crime of passion.
Artya watches are sculptures; artfully capturing human emotions with unique materials.
Powering these watch specimens are high quality Swiss Automatic Mechanical Movements

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