Monday, December 12, 2011

Gift Pick for the Professional & Adventurer.

Movado Men's Luno $795.00
You can never have too many wristwatches, and you can never go wrong giving a watch as a gift.  Imagine a gift without the nagging feeling of  "What if he doesn't like it.?"
With a watch you will be certain your gift will be much appreciated.
First you must know a little about your guy - the image he wants to portray and what he wants from his watch.
 If your guy needs to convey a professional attitude I always like the Movado Museum Collection.  The watch design is instantly recognizable and devoid of clutter.  The watch itself displays the epitome of organization and clear thought.  It was what Nathan George Horwitt - designer of the museum dial had in mind - a single dot.  He was a follower of the Bauhaus movement, designed a watch with no ornamentation besides for a gold dot at the 12 o'clock representing the sun at high noon. In 1959 the "dot at the top watch" was excepted into the Design Collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art becoming known as the "Museum Watch".

$499.99 Save 75%
For the rugged adventurer in your life always zipping off to one place or another -pouncing into a  Land-rover off to spot a family of mountain lions or to rock climb a precipice - you need a watch which is shock resistant, water resistance, hand indicator luminescence and preferably rubber strap (lightweight, less likely to slip, easy to clean).  There are a couple of really rugged timepieces:
Invicta Men's Subaqua Chronograph Black Rubber - aside from the fact that it is 75% off at The Watchery, there are many advantages for the adventurer. This particular model has a great water resistancy - up to 1650 feet.  I always like to stress that if one is in a situation of high water pressure such as navigating water rapids, one needs a higher water resistance than if one is merely in a swimming pool.  The extreme force of water on the dial can compromise the water resistancy. In addition this watch has a chronograph and tachymeter.

Price $4,410.00 Save 65%
A great rugged mid range watch collection,  is the WYLER Geneve Men's Code R Automatic Chronograph.  Wyler Geneve specializes in shock absorbency- creator of the signature Incaflex balance wheel.  The Incaflex balance wheel is protected along its diameter by two curved elastic arms absorbing shock to the balance wheel. In addition the watch case is shock absorbing crafted from highly resilient and corrosion resistant titanium and black carbon fiber. The hands are silver tone and luminous enabling the adventurer for time read out in the dark.  Another great feature is the flexible black rubber strap allowing for maximum wrist mobility.  Scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal protects the Swiss made mechanical automatic chronograph movement.  I like mechanical watches on long adventures since the mainspring is wound by the swinging motion of ones arm. Since this is a mechanical timepiece, no batteries are needed, which is a good thing, since where is our adventurer going to get batteries in the Gobi desert. This watch is capable of a power reserve of 42 hours. The Wyler Men's Code R is equipped with  "ZULU" (Z) time (for aviation or military purposes) or GMT (Greenwich MeanTime).

Stay tuned for more of my top watch holiday picks from The Watchery. 

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