Friday, December 2, 2011

A Watch that Pays Your Bills by a Flick of the Wrist

This is innovation at its best, a watch that actually pays your bills. Austrian company LAKS introduces the watch2pay. By a flick of a wrist over a MasterCard® PayPass ™ reader, your bill is paid and you're up and running.  Can you imagine never having to worry whether you have some change in your pocket?  Great watch for joggers who don't want coins jangling around as they run.
Here is how it works.  Embedded in the watch2pay is a chip the size of a SIM card.  This chip is like a mini virtual change wallet working as a contactless card which requires topping up when funds run out.  There is no direct connection from the watch to ones bank account, thus it works like the EZpass (toll road pay system in the US).    This watch can actually pay for small purchases like supermarket groceries and Starbucks coffee merely by a flick of the wrist, and it is a great way to control a child's lunch money.
Upon purchase of the card, one receives the "watch2pay";Standard sized MasterCard PayPass
prepaid card – valid for 2 years and A MasterCard PayPass prepaid watch
card – valid for 2 years.
LAKS - the acronym for the CEO and president Lucas Alexander Karl Scheybal, a  family run operation established in 1986 is always ahead of the innovative game, adapting watches to the current technological climate. LAKS watches are not mere gimmicks meant to please for a few moments, but rather a high quality multi functional watch.  Scratch resistant Sapphire crystal protects the dial and hand brushed steel protects the high quality quartz movement. LAKS' is constantly involved in research and development. Its team of engineers focuses on developing the perfect watch adapted to a specific function.