Thursday, December 1, 2011

Délices de Cartier May Dreams Come True

Crystal chandeliers play prism to soft light illuminating silks and satins resting on elegant shoulders cascading to a polished marble floor.  Champagne glasses clink amidst soft laughter and  piano plays beyond rouge drapes.  Slender wrist rests upon broad shoulder encircled by a diamond encrusted Délices de Cartier  timepiece.  May Dreams Come True.

The attraction of this collection is the intriguing twisted shape of the dial and sweeping bezel like the lines of a painter making his first sweeping brush strokes on a blank canvas. In fact the watch was designed by a student of fine arts, Arnaud Chastaingt, - see video below. Cartier signature Roman Numerals accommodates to the curving lines of the dial providing for a wonderful Alice in Wonderland distortion of perceptions.

Délices de Cartier  in English means Delights of Cartier. Cartier initially obtained a "wordmark' for it in 2005 for its new fruity fragrance, which I must say is wildly popular (below).
The Délices de Cartier timepiece, revealed at the SIHH 2011, resembles  a twisted candy hinting at something sweet and delicious within.
Available in three different sizes: Small (31.53mm x 36.07mm), large (38.39mm x 43.81mm) and extra-large (49.18mm x 50.47mm).  My only personal grievance, which is highly subjective, is that the movement is quartz.  I understand the slim fluid look of the watch works better with quartz, but it still evokes a certain longing for a delight in the "candy" as well as the "wrapper."  It is always a delight though, when a watch company unveils a entirely new design evoking a passionate response which can only be the makings of a legacy.