Thursday, December 8, 2011

Romain Jerome MoonFighter Pen Sure to Cure Sci-Fi Writers Block

What do we have here? Is it a bird?  Is it a Plane?  No its a Romain Jerome Moon fighter  Pen set to launch your mind through blackened skies and fiery galaxies.  Romaine Jerome is well known for causing quite a stir
with its DNA watches: Watches that contain steel from the titanic, bits of moon dust, ash from Icelandic Volcano Eyjafjallajokul rock from the "Rock of Monaco", fragments from Apollo XI and actual fibers from an International Space Station spacesuit.  Now it is a writers turn to use a Moon Fighter pen to venture far into the recesses of his mind and find a universe.  The pen is the descendant of a generation brought up with Star Wars, Back to the future and Space Invaders (yes Romaine Jerome has made a Space Invaders watch too) where good old science fiction commanded large boxy television screens and loud arcade game centers flickering with persistent aliens. 

If one did not know the image above was that of a pen and the title did not mention Romain Jerome, but rather a finding of immense proportion in a large cavern deep within the bowels of the earth - some grandiose desire of a crazed scientist's obsession to discover an earth-like planet - the image would be quite feasible.   The pen is crafted to depict a much larger object - a space ship perhaps - and this, my friends, can cure writers block. In fact encapsulated within the "cockpit bubble" (Romain Jerome's term not mine) is actual moon dust.  The pen is crafted entirely in Switzerland and is available in three models depending, of course, on which terrain one means to explore - Heavy Metal, Black Metal and Vintage.  Each model is secured with 48 hand-applied rivets - permanent mechanical fasteners used widely in aircraft construction. The rivets enunciate the perception that the pen should really be a much larger object. When the pen is not the voyager of the mind, it is protected within a leather case and docked on a carbon finished "docking station".  The pen is available in fountain and roller ball.  Romain Jerome MoonFighter Pen is certainly a writer's pen.

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