Friday, December 16, 2011

House of Graff MasterGraff Skeleton Watch

The MasterGraff Skeleton Watch is truly one of the most exquisite watches I have ever seen.  The bezel is shaped like the multi facets of a diamond playing with the rays of light and providing the illusion of iridescence from within. To achieve this look, 164 diamonds totaling over 21 carats were expertly place within a structure of rose gold. The entire structure must be in place  before the movement can be cased, after which no stone can be added and no stone removed.  Two scratch resistant sapphire crystals enclose the diamond case providing the illusion of a tourbillon  suspended in mid air like some beautiful space ship entering a lost glittering paradise. The hand wound mechanical movement is capable of a 72 hour power reserve, which only proves the remarkable efficiency of watchmaking skill, where 3 days of power reserve is discreetly stored in the barrel.
The 48mm multifaceted bezel and case is Graff's signature look - a look most fitting for a House of Diamonds.

Did You Know:
  • The London based House of Graff is one of the most prestigious diamond and gem suppliers in all the world. 
  • House of Graff was established by Leonard Graff, a DeBeers sight holder.  Leonard success is due to his strategy of "vertical integration". In vertical Integration companies in a supply chain are owned and controlled by a single owner.  Thus Leonard Graff, controls every facet of the diamond industry from wholesale to retail.  He purchased 51% stake in Safdico (South Africa Diamond Corp.), providing him with access to the first choice of uncut diamonds mined in Southern Africa. 
  • The House of Graff obtained the15th largest diamond ever discovered - the Lesotho Promise found in the Letseng Mine in Lesotho.  Lesotho is a small kingdom completed surrounded by South Africa. The Lesotho Promise, rated D in color, was studied for 3 months before being cut into 26 exquisite diamonds weighing in  total 223.35 carats. 
  •  All House of Graff gems have a laser inscribed girdle with the 'Graff' logo and GIA number.


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