Friday, February 24, 2012

10 Ugly Watches! What Do You Think? Ugly or Not?

Corum Rolls Royce looks better on the hood of a car than on a wrist.  It kind of reminds me of awful draperies flapping behind a broken window of some deserted hotel 

Angular Momentum Time Explosion looks like it was kind of sweet before it went psycho and  chopped up its fellow collection mates and pasted their innards on its bezel like some sadistic trophy. 
Growl! This Leopard Print Rolex brings to mind unmentionable leopard print horrors roaming around Walmart's nightlife.

I love all Yvan Arpa's ,of Romain Jerome Titanic DNA fame, creations.  I really do and that is why I seriously contemplated against putting his Dinosaur Dung Watch on this list.  But I figured it is crafted from fossilized feces excreted by a plant eating specie ,give or take, a 100 million years ago and the strap is made from the skin of an American Cane Toad...and hey Dung is ugly and so is the skin of a toad.

 Any iced out bling bling Casio G-Shock makes me cringe.  Yes! I am aware of the hip hop trend... and I'm sure Lil Wayne will pull this watch off very nicely, but baby not around my wrist. 

Just because a timepiece cost 25 Million Dollars does not mean I have to like it.  The 201-carat Chopard watch looks more like a chicken cutlet breaded in diamonds. 

So that's where my old answering machine went.  Fancy that! No wait! This is the MY01 - Reverse Collection by Hong Kong Designer , Micheal Young. 

A bit more serious here.  What you see is a vintage timepiece from World War One with indices painted in highly radioactive Radium. Radium glows in the dark. It is not that these watches are ugly, but the tragic circumstances that took the young lives as a result of  painting the Radium on these dials.  Click here for the complete story of  "The Deadly Dials and the Glowing Girls"

Someone has being playing in the scrap yard again.  The Mandeville Dance Watches by Ulli Kempelmann look like they took one hell of a detour in a pretty bad neighborhood  before getting to the dance.  You kind of feel bad for these poor little dears, and your gut instinct is to patch them up as best as you could before sending them on their way with a new set of directions.

The Charriol Iron Watch is shaped like the end of a golfing iron for all golfing enthusiasts out there. I am not a golfer, so I suppose I shouldn't pass judgment on the watch, but there is something about the shape of the dial that makes me a bit squeamish. But beauty and ugly is in the eye of the beholder.  After all we are not mirrors reflecting what we see, but perceiving beings unconsciously making snap decisions on what we perceive.

I would love you to comment in agreement or not and add a mention of your most disturbing watch.


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