Thursday, February 2, 2012

Romain Jerome Latest Edition to Titanic Tourbillon and DNA Collection

 Romain Jerome Chrono Tourbillon Limited Edition is immediately recognized by its steel oxidised bezel.  This bezel has become a signature standard for the DNA line.  The bezel is oxidized individually in water to achieve a unique bezel footprint  meaning no two Romain Jerome Bezels will have the same oxidisation pattern. The chronograph skeleton dial  frames three sub dials incorporating the tourbillon and chronograph readouts.  Three models of this watch will be available crafted in a steel case, a black PVD steel case or an 18k red gold case. But don't get the "gimmes I must have this watch" just yet  Only 9 of each model will be available and the price will run you from about 199,000 - 219,000 Swiss Francs. 

Although I love this watch I was kind of  hoping that Romain Jerome would release a Titanic 100 year commemoration timepiece, since it was exactly 100 years on April 15th, since the tragic disaster occurred. After all Romain Jerome has fashioned its watches with steel from the Titanic and has taken great lengths to fuse this history into the actual components of the watch. We'll just have to wait and see.

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