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Top Ten Valentine's Day Watches

Top Ten Valentines Day Luxury Watches.  See if you agree.

 1) A Chopard Happy Heart Valentine's Special Edition 2012 Watch
Limited Edition: 500 pieces.

36 mm Stainless steel case and bezel surrounds a smoky mother-of-pearl dial beneath three gem encrusted  hearts - one diamond and two pink sapphires which float between two thin sheets of sapphire crystal providing the illusion of floating hearts. Quartz movement; water resistance to 100 feet (wouldn't suggest getting this baby wet on account of the silk purple satin strap) and all around a darling timepiece bound to sweep her off her feet.  Cost: Under $10,000 - but not much - due to its limited nature and collectors potential.

 2) Blancpain Saint-Valentin 2012 Flyback Chronograph - Limited Edition - 14 pieces.  Price: TBD

Announce your love with all your heart, your soul and your savings.  Give your loved one the most gorgeous Valentines Day Watch.  A watch ,like your cherished sweetheart, which is as beautiful on the inside as the outside. For the record - Blancpain has never ever made a quartz watch. Upon opening  the wooden box with joyous disbelief shining in her eyes, she will notice the bright red heart counterbalance - as women are emotional beings.  Then her eyes will stray to  the diamond encrusted bezel and diamond indices - 2.95 carats in all ... then the intriguing mother-of-pearl dial baring three mother-of-pearl hearts - a testament to unparalleled marquetry.
In amazed silence, she turns the watch over and gasps at the mechanical mastery resting on the palm of her upturned hand.  She may not know it just yet, but what she is gazing at, is the Saint-Valentin 2012 Flyback Chronograph calibre F185 with 37 jewels, and  an oscillating weight dressed in bands pink mother of pearl bands. Not knowing about automatic watches, she slowly comes to realize that this watch requires no batteries, but all its energy is gleaned from the gentle swinging motion of her arm.  A long while later, she will inquire about the sub dials... and you will explain to her how the chronograph and fly back function is controlled by  two push pieces, capped with cabochon-cut rubies at the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock respectively; the date is at the 12 'o'clock position, the seconds subdial at the 6 'o'clock.  The long hand topped by a slim red feather, is the chronograph central sweep seconds hand and totalizers at the 3 and night 'o'clock counts off elapsed minutes and hours. As you fasten the soft white alligator leather strap to her wrist, and watch the diamonds twinkle in the candlelight you know this is your Valentine.

 3)Piaget Limelight Love Letter Secret Watch
Price:  $189,750.00

 If diamonds are a girls best friend then this timepiece is sure to win hearts. A 18k white gold strap is smothered beneath no less thank 1286 diamonds (appx 20.3 ct) The all encompassing bezel shaped like a letter holds 314 diamonds accentuated with the color of love - one deep red Cabochon ruby. Opening the letter, the time will be revealed on a mother of pearl dial set with an additional 12 diamonds. The movement is Quartz ( no comment). This watch is a grand example of haute joaillerie where timepieces and jewelry merge in seamless unison.

4) House of Graff: Lady Graff.
Limited Edition: 20 pieces
Price: Unknown but high six figures.

LadyGraff sweeps into the ballroom in sparkling puffs of 109 (42.10 carats) delicately layered diamonds.  House of Graff has entered the room and all eyes are on the height of haute joaillerie timepieces.  The diamonds are securely set in full glory their brilliant clarity visible from the underside of the bracelet as well. Beneath a dial paved in 61 diamonds a Swiss quartz movement marks  the time. 
The London based House of Graff is one of the most prestigious diamond and gem suppliers in all the world and has first choice to the finest diamonds . 

5.) Van Cleef &Arpels Poetic Wish Watch Pair - Unveiled SIHH 2012

The dials of Van Cleef & Arpels are vivid depictions of romance. The latest pair are set in paris, one by day and one by night. By day a young women stands upon the Eifel tower searching for her love.  Her love is waiting for her - wishing upon a star for her return as he stands upon the Notre-Dame Cathedral, gazing at the Eiffel Tower where she stands.  The 39mm Women's Poetic Wish Timepiece is smaller in frame than the Men's 43mm case.  Designed by Jean-Marc Wiedderecht, both watches are equipped with a five minute repeater and automatons.  When a crown at the 2 'o'clock is activated, the hours begin to chime setting the young lady across the girders of the Eifel tower towards her love waiting at the Notre Dame. A mother-of-pearl cloud moves towards her and the place at which they they meet indicates the hour on the horizontal scale. As the minutes chime, a kite flies up the River Seine indicating the five minutes. When all is done and the chiming ceases the automatons return to their original positions. The chiming and movement is but a moment in time to make a wish. Her lover is standing upon the terrace of the Notre Dame and when his hour of wishing arrives, he paces towards the cloud meeting at the hour.  His minutes are marked by a shooting star heading towards the Eiffel tower to the place of his heart. Van Cleef & Arpels in the Master of Romantic Depictions. The enameling on the watch is superb, and the movement including the gongs and hammers visible via a sound amplifying raised sapphire crystal case back. The 458 component hand wound movement is capable of a 60 hour power reserve.

6) Roger Dubuis Valentines Day Watch (circa 2011) -
Limited Edition: 28 Cost: 6 figures ????
watch is the epitome of technical elegance incorporating the Valentine motif into the actual components of the in-house movement. Two synthetic heart shaped pink Sapphire crystals accentuate the shapes while a tourbillon of uncanny craftsmanship flutter beneath a skeletonized rose.  I love the fact that Roger Dubuis has focused on mechanical technicalities for a woman's watch.  The majority of woman's watches nowadays are powered by quartz movement, which I feel a bit of a let down.  Diamonds smother the 18k white gold 36mm square case. Beneath the bezel a flange indicates the hours a ruby at a time... and the red satin strap adds an evocative innuendo to the rest of the watch.

7) The Frédérique Constant Love Heart Beat Watch. (circa 2009) Price: Around $2,000.00
Even though these two beauties were unveiled 3 years ago (a lifetime in watch models), I think about them every time Valentine's Day draws near.  I think these watches affirm love in shimmering elegance without appearing too gaudy and sickly sweet.  The Frédérique Constant Heart Beat Collection is iconic for an aperture in the dial revealing the escapement of the in-house FC 310 calibre  movement.  The aperture in this case is the diamond encrusted "O".  The dial is blanketed with guilloche engraving with heart shapes framed by a magnificent bezel set with 64 diamonds. The watch is available in steel or rose gold plated case. A satin strap completes the look.  The great thing about this watch is that it is really affordable.  You can pick one up on Ebay for less than $2,000.00.

8) The Swatch Love Collection 2012 is perfect for your first love. Limited Edition : 777 
Price: $60 for one $110 for both

The red Swatch is "My Heart" - inscribed with the passionate scrawl of "Only You".  The depiction almost screams "puppy love" - a white figure emerging from the heart of a rose.  I can so picture the watch being presented with a blush and uncertain glances - the terror of being rejected and the irrevocable need to proclaim love.
The "Lovely Mine"  Swatch is so irresistibly cute - I can almost pinch its 33mm round plastic case.  "I Love You"  is printed boldly below a dial featuring a our white figure now dressed in a rabbit costume - a little naughty perhaps.  In any event these watches are so cute and true Swatch Collectors Items.  Manufactured specially for Valentine 2012, in a limited quantity of 777, which raises my eyebrows as to why that particular, if not telling number was used.  These cute watch are sold as a pair or alone. 

 9) Jaeger-Lecoultre Valentine's Day Reverso. (2012) 
Since 1931, the Reverso popularity has never wavered.  Set in the ultra Reverso Case, the Valentine's Day Model is an attractive elegant combination of pink gold and steel with a whimsical depiction of a heart engraved on the reverse side of the case.  In a unique move, Jaeger Lecoultre teamed up with Valextra,  high end Italian Luxury Bag Manufacturers, to create a strap of exceptional quality and trendy style.  The product of their partnership is a high quality attractive double tour strap available in three colors, creating an admirable fashion statement.  

10) DeLaneau's Delicate Collection.  Heart Shape Watch. 
Limited Edition: 20 pieces - including the round, diamond, flower or heart shaped models in this unique piece collection.
DeLaneau knows how to please the ladies with the distinctly  feminine timepiece. The DeLaneau case is a true classical depiction of a heart.  The 18k heart shaped wrist watch is outlined in pink sapphires crowned surrounding a diamond paved dial.   18K white gold bracelet is decorated with 19 heart-cut pink sapphires and 40 navette-cut diamonds. Beneath the heart beats a Frederic Piguet caliber 6.10 manual wound mechanical movement. The lack of a seconds hand creates a quiet presence in which time seems to stop in the face of beauty.


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