Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jewelery Watch of the Year Hublot Black Cavier Bang Out of This World.

Hublot won the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve prize for jewelery watch of the year 2009, and I am not surprised. Limited to but one piece, the Black Cavier Bang is strictly black tie with a Solo T Tourbillon and Power reserve of 120 hours making this watch a power house. Hublot ,however, thinks it rather resembles caviar and has provided the watch with the title,"Black Cavier Bang."
At One million Dollars it does not matter what it is called, it matters what it costs.

The cost may have to do with shipping of the raw materials; specifically the Black Diamond. Hundreds of precision cut black diamonds totaling 34.5 total carats (322 on the case, 179 on the bezel, and 30 on the clasp), pave this watch and thus the surprising origins of the black diamond is quite pertinent.
What if I say, black diamonds have journeyed from outer space? No, this is not some cheap sci fi fictional notion that I have concocted. This is real.
According to geologists, black diamonds came to our earth from outer space. (Source: Astrophysical Journal Letters December 20, 2006) Otherwise known as carbonado diamonds, these diamonds contain trace elements of hydrogen which indicates an origin in a hydrogen-rich interstellar space. Infrared synchrotron radiation at Brookhaven National Laboratory was used to discover the diamonds' source.
In addition, black diamonds are found only in Brazil and the Central African Republic. In all the worlds mining fields whether it be South Africa, China, India; where 600 tons have been mined, not a single black diamond has been found. Another clue to the extraterrestrial nature of the black diamond is in its make up. The black diamonds Carbonado diamonds are typically pea sized or larger porous aggregates of many tiny black crystals.
Early data from scientists Jozsef Garai and Stephen Haggerty of Florida International University, as well as new research support the theory that showing that carbonado diamonds formed in stellar supernovae explosions.
Black diamonds were once the size of asteroids, a kilometer or more in diameter when they first landed on Earth.

No wonder the Hublot Black Caviar Bang is a world "first". Hublot says it is both a technological and artistic achievement. The setting is completely invisible and only the black and deep tones of rare black diamonds are visible.
Creating this exceptional watch demanded over 2,000 hours of meticulous work, from design to final adjustment. 544 VVS TW-IF quality baguette diamonds adorn the watch’s case, dial, crown and deployment clasp.
Now putting the black diamond in perspective, the One Million Dollar Price Tag doesn't seem that cosmic.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Many Hues of Armand Nicolet Luxury Watches

Armand Nicolet is a company deeply embedded in the Swiss tradition of luxury watch craftsmanship. Situated in Tramelan in the Burmese Jura, Armand Nicolet captivates the precision, craftsmanship and perfection of watchmaking that has occupied this region for centuries. Armand Nicolet's Women's Watches evoke a sense of whimsical fantasy. The dials shimmer with hundreds of gentle shades provided by the composition of the mother-of-pearl.
Queen Elizabeth gave mother-of-pearl its name in the 15th century. The use of mother-of-pearl has a long history. In the 1920's tombs of Sumerian Royalty from ancient Mesopotamia yielded a grand treasure of gold, silver, gemstones and wooden ornaments and musical instruments inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Mother-of-Pearl was used in many cultures for various reasons, but one cannot help but notice the iridescent beauty of this material. It is created by the bivalves (two-part) mollusk who secrete in in the event of injury or the invasion of foreign particles. The secretion is comprised of calcium carbonate (derivative mineral of Aragonite) and conchiolin (a binding protein). Mollusks cannot regulate their own temperature and are extremely vulnerable to changing environmental conditions.
Armand Nicolet's use of mother-of-pearl stems from a tradition spanning thousands of years, and the result is as intriguing and mesmerizing as the artifacts found from past civilizations. Each watch is crafted with care and precision thereby providing an end product of extreme quality. Powered by the motion of ones hand, these watches require no batteries. The skeletonized hand add a delicate touch to the dial.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

IWC Da Vinci - The Shape Shifter

IWC IW376402 Da Vinci White Dial Leather Alligator Men's Automatic Chronograph

Traditionally, IWC Da Vinci, has housed its movement in a round case; however, true to the collections namesake, Leonardo da Vinci, a 15th century, multi-talented painter and inventor best known for his "Mona Lisa", IWC has reinvented our Da Vinci perspective with the 2007 introduction of the Da Vinci Collection baring a barrel tonneau case. The effect is remarkably appealing with a sense of fluid contours and timeless elegance.

View the video below to learn about the ingenious Da Vinci chronograph.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Come on Baby! Roll the Dice! And other Georgous Audemars Piguet Timepieces

Audemars Piguet does Las Vegas, dressing up its Royal Oak dial in pulsating "strip neon" red. The particular model depicted above is the Audemars Piguet Las Vegas Strip Manual Wind Tourbillon with Chronograph Watch. The versatility of the Royal Oak, is especially noticeable in this extraordinary timepiece. The watch is limited to a mere 35 pieces. However, bare in mind when purchasing this watch, you are by no means taking a gamble.

The Royal Oak was unveiled at Basel World 1972 as a high-end steel sports watch with the Octagon shape and became an immediate success. Designed by Gerald Genta, the flexibility of this case design is endless whether in movements (either quartz or mechanical), complications, colors or materials

An Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Timepiece adds a explicit sense of style to ones attire. It takes but one second to make a first impression; enhance it with an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

U-Boat Luxury Watches from thousands of feet below to thousands of feet above.

So I am sure you are wondering what these two images have in common. Well the first image is just one of an amazing selection of watches crafted by the Italian Luxury Watch Company U-Boat. The watches looked familiar not because I recognized them, but because I recognized the rugged solid feel. The watches reminded me of beeping gauges, shrill sirens, soldiers urgent calls, and explosions. The watches are so set in their style These watches give me a sense of history. War History. Anyway I had no idea what a U-Boat was, so with a click of a mouse, I quickly discovered that it was a type of submarine the Germans had in World War I. U-Boat from the German word U-boot, which is a abbreviated form of Unterseeboot - Under sea boat i.e. Submarine. So now I have come to my second picture, the control room of a U-Boat. If you noticed on the far wall, there hang a couple of gauges, with a mounted face and thick bezel. The guage hands are stark and give a sharp contrast to the face so that they may be read with accuracy in times of imminent danger. Once I saw the gauges, I understood the U-Boat watches.

                                  U-Boat 45-AS-2 Classico Cream Dial Calf Leather with Steel Plate Men's Watch

Italo Fontano six U-Boat Collections, Flightdeck  ,Nightvision,Thousands of Feet,Classico ,Precious Metal and Eclipse, have become popular among countless celebrities. Tom Cruise,Sylvestor Stylone, Ralph Lauren, David Beckham, John Legend and the list goes on. U-Boat was started by Italo Fontana who was inspired by the work of his grandfather, Ilvo Fontana, who designed timepieces for the Italian navy. The company has only been around since the turn of the century (this century), the year 2000; however, it is forging ahead with its new historical designs and gaining a steady following.

U-Boat 55 CAB O Flight Deck Black Dial Calf Leather with Exclusive Aero Design Men's Automatic Chronograph Watch

Monday, November 9, 2009

Honk Around the Clock: Sesame Street turns 40!

On November 10th, 2009, Sesame Street turns 40. Sesame Street is an educational television program precisely formatted to capture a child's attention, and hold it for 50 minutes a day. The content is positive, friendly and educational, featuring politicians, movie stars, musicians and even first ladies. Tomorrow First Lady, Michelle Obama, will appear on Sesame Street to mark its 40th anniversary.

40 years of toddlers have learned their numbers, their alphabet and their time telling ability via Sesame Street. Sesame Street has mirrored the changing times, and even has broached current subjects like the recession. Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Zoe and Elmo have become lovable parts of a child's life. "Tickle Me Elmo", became a highly coveted item holiday season a couple years back, where parents actually fought over its red furry frame. These lovable characters have decorated kid's watch dials ,such as this 1979 timepiece featuring Bert and Ernie, for decades.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Yankees Have Won!

Yankee fans all over are rejoicing the victory after winning their 27th World Series, beating the Phillies 7-3 in Game 6. If you are a New York Yankee fan then this is the watch for you. Well for 100 of you since this watch is a limited edition of a mere 100 pieces worldwide. The watch created by a new Swiss company N.O.A ,an acronym for None of the Above, was commissioned by Joe Girardi, (Yankees Manager and official spokesperson for N.O.A. Hamilton Jewelers ), and the New York Yankess back in February when NOA partnered with Hamilton Jewelers for their most recent watch fair.

Joe Girardi, former MLB catcher and current New York Yankees Manager wears his NOA timepiece at a recent press conference.

On the white dial, each watch has the Yankees emblem , a copy of Joe Girardi's autograph as well as individual number of the watch. The watch comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Joe Girardi himself. The watch comes complete with box, warranty card, instructions and certificate of authenticity. The 40mm case is stainless steel
40mm stainless steel case. The Crown is screw down thereby increasing the water resistance to 10 ATM/330 feet. The watch dial is protected by scratch resistant sapphire crystal. When I last checked the going rate for one of these watches was around $3,000, but with the Yankees win this watch has just become more desirable, and more collectible.

Although N.O.A is a relatively new company introducing its first collection in 2003, the origins of it date back to the late 19th century when Swiss businessman ,Federico Ruefly, established two factories, " Ruefli Federico Spa" in Coma, Italy and "Fabrique de Boites des Montres SA" in Chiasso, Switzerland. The factories manufactured brass and stainless steel watch components for the Swiss and Italian market. In 1922 his four daughters joined him when he moved the factory to Coma, Italy. The new N.O.A company has merged Italian style and Swiss Watch making expertise to create functional style. A watch that works for you.