Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Harry Winston Opus Eleven Shatters Time

Baselworld 2011 has an earth shattering star - The Harry Winston Opus Eleven. (see video) Beneath the dial it seems a series of haphazard twisted gears wreak havoc on the display of time. What may seem like random disorganization, on the contrary, is precision and competency at its best.

When the hour arrives, the predominant dial awakens into motion and from its center the hour emerges. It seems somewhat of a dizzying commotion, but the activity is in fact the result of 24 placards swiveling and rotating on numerous gears set on an epicycloidal gear train, These 24 components display quarters of numbers; which are ingeniously configured to meet up at the hour. Jutting out from the main dial is to semi dials. The top semi dial contains the minutes displayed on jumping disc; a jumping disc for the tens and a running disc for the units. For a clear understanding of the ingenious mechanism watch the video below.

To make sure this complicated configuration runs as smooth as possible, 155 jewels are used. In total the Harry Winston Opus Eleven contains 566 parts.
Harry Winston will only produce 111 of the Opus Eleven; 100 in white gold ,depicted above, and 11 smothered with diamonds (It is Harry Winston timepiece after all). A white gold timepiece will run you at $230,000 and the model covered in diamonds will cost $289,000.00.

I have an inking this watch will fetch a prize or too in the future.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hermès Reveals Arceau Temps Suspendu Timepiece

Beneath the fine exterior of the Hermes Arceau Temps Suspendu lies the answer to time. If the workings were not the result of exceptional craftsmanship and mechanical ingenuity, one may think the time-play is pure magic. The Arceau Temps Suspendu, as its name suggests, can stop time, and then when time must move on, as time will do, the hands of the timepiece will find the time and place and continue as though time stopped is but a memory.

If you are a tad confused, let me explain. About the 9 'o' clock position lies a pusher when depressed brings hour and minute hand to the 12 'o'clock position. The hands remain motionless. To increase the feeling of timelessness, the retrograde date hand completely disappears. Time stoppage can last for seconds, minutes, hours, days - even weeks, but when one needs to track time once again, simply depress the pusher and the three hand spring to the correct current time and date. However, do not be deceived by the motionless dial display. Concealed within the case, a precision mechanical movement keeps tracking the time.

Adding to the Iconic Arceau Watch Collection ,created by Henri d’Origny in 1978, the new Arceau Temps Suspendu makes it debut at Baselworld 2011. To create this innovative masterpiece, protected by two patents, Hermes CEO, Luc Perramond sought the expertise of world renowned watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, CEO of Agenhor, Geneva. The same Wiederrecht who in 1988, in partnership with Roger Dubois developed the world's first bi-retrograde perpetual calender, and the same Wiederrecht, who prior to this was only known to horological insider, won the inaugural prize for Best Watchmaker at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve.

This handsome timepiece both conceals and reveals: conceals the passage of time, when, on those rare wonderful occasions time can be forgotten, and reveals the elegant refined timepieces recognized as a Hermes timepiece.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Baselworld in Full Swing

Baselworld, the largest watch, jewelery and precious-stone show, opened yesterday. 1892 exhibitors, comprised of 627 watch brands, 736 jewellery companies and 529 related products,
present their newest products and innovations. 100,000 visitors from every corner of the world converge on Baselworld. Top Luxury Watch Brands display their exceptional timepieces in inviting booths where representatives of the companies are available to answer questions and take orders. Baselworld's unique welcoming ambiance creates the optimal environment for doing business. 3000 journalists cover the show, reporting on the latest watch collections and memorizing horological editions. Inviting food kiosks and discussion lounges are dotted around the exhibition floors enabling business meetings to ensue in the comfort.

One can peruse the exhibitions; marvel at their ingenuity and make some serious purchasing decisions all under one roof.

Rene Kamm, chief executive of MCH Group, the organizer of BaselWorld, was optimistic about the current luxury sector, which has largely recovered from the downturn in 2009, with further growth in the forecast for 2011. "The economic upturn was successfully rung in last year and the slump in the luxury goods sector is now a thing of the past.", Rene Kamm said

Although, baselworld takes place on the heels of Japan's recent natural disasters, no exhibitors canceled, Sylvie Ritter, Baselworld managing director said, however if the disaster has an effect on the amount of visitors will only be determined after the close of the 8 day event on March 31st.

A good proportion of the buyers are expected to stem from China, since currently Chinese luxury watch markets are growing as much as 35 percent a year . In fact a report released in November by Bain & Co. said that the Chinese luxury watch market was worth $2.34 billion in 2009. The five top luxury sought after watch brands are: Cartier, Longines, Omega, Rolex and Tudor.

This year BaselWorld runs from March 24th to March 31st in Basel, Switzerland.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Largest Wristwatch Tourbillon Ever by Franck Muller

Franck Muller claims to have created the largest tourbillon incorporated into a wristwatch. At 20mm this delicate beauty takes up half the watch. This watch is part of Franck Muller's new GIGA Tourbillon Collection. A technical feat such as this requires a high degree of expertise, intensive research and development as well as exceptionally talented craftsmanship. The tourbillon has a remarkable 10 day power reserved prominently displayed at the 12 'o'clock position. To achieve this feat, the Giga Tourbillon is fitted with two pairs of spring boxes, both 16mm in diameter. Most tourbillon's are fitted with only one or two.

This mechanical timepiece watch requires winding at the crown, which powers an in house FM 2100 Caliber movement containing no less than four barrels beating at a frequency of 18,000 vph. The skeleton version -depicted above- intensifies the vast look of the tourbillon. The case is crafted from white gold and looks black as it is treated with black PVD. Hand chamfering and circular graining adds to the impeccable finishing of the movement which is affixed with the Geneve Seal

The Giga Tourbillon signifies yet another masterpiece created from idea to final product on the scenic grounds of Franck Muller Watchland.

Breitling Commemorates 100 Years of Naval Aviation

Breitling has unveiled the Naval Centennial Limited Edition Airwolf in commemoration of 100 years of naval aviation. The timepiece is crafted with the critical precision of aviation in mind, featuring 1/100th of a second chronograph with split times, alarm countdown, second time zone with independent alarm and perpetual time calender.
In addition, the watch sports a Night Vision Goggles (NVG)-compatible display back lighting system, UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and a turbine shaped case back, which serves as a resonance chamber for the alarm. The watch is powered by a ETA Superquartz multifunction movement and is equipped with a rotating navigational bezel.

Only 500 pieces will be produced, and 50 will be donated to the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation Foundation of which Breitling is a Silver National Sponsor. Of the remaining 45o watches sold, $100 per watch will be donated to the Foundation. The Foundation Seal features clearly on the dial.

Watch 1/500 will be embarking on a special journey around the world throughout 2011 accompanied by naval aviators who will put this professional aviator watch to good use. The watch will return on December 3rdm 2011 for a closing event in Washington, D.C. The Breitling Naval Centennial Limited Edition Airwolf will be presented at the ceremonies along with a complete log of its journeys.

This timepiece represents Breitling's part in celebrating 100 years of naval aviation as well as numerous events which will commemorate Breitling's close tie to aviation. The 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation Foundation is non-profit organization which raises awareness of naval aviation. Breitling has been chosen as one of the sponsors for the foundations festivities.

The Naval Centennial Limited Edition Airwolf will be available soon. If you are an avid naval aviation fan, you can find this watch at Breitling’s flagship Manhattan boutique and other watch dealers for $4,500.00.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

de Grisigono Meccanico dG Arrives in White

de Grisigono has revealed its Meccanico dG in white. The Meccanico dG is something of a living legend within the horological circles of today. I say this because, in 2008, when the original Meccanico dG was revealed to the watch world, it was a sweeping hit. The watch featured in countless magazines and blogs, and created quite a stir. The Meccanico dG gave the watch world something quite different. A mechanical movement quite unlike any other seen before. It was not just a interesting watch with a cute design, it was, and still is, a mechanical marvel. In fact the Meccanico dG won the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie in 2009.

The original version - to your right glows green - however there are no tiny LED lights embedded in its dial, and no quartz battery within its case. The watch, brain child of Fawaz Gruosi - founder and chairman of de GRISOGONO, is completely mechanical under the disguise of a digital.
The upper half of the watch is your conventional analog display, and the bottom portion is a numerical display controlled by 651 mechanical components. 23 cams connected to a set of gears collaborate in unison to trigger the change of hours and minutes The digital display utilizes 23 horizontally and vertically positioned micro segments. The Vertical segments are 9 mm high and weigh 25 milligrams. The Horizontal segments are 2.90 mm lengthwise and weigh a mere 10 milligrams. The segments have four sides: two opposing visible faces with colored strips and two opposing unmarked faces. As the time changed, the segments rotate by 90°, thereby displaying the correct change. The change, which can include 1 to 12 segments, occur in a blink of an eye. The watches digital numbers provide an illusion of the quartz watch, as the strips create a vivid contrast to the interior blackness of the watch.

This watch boasts a 35 hour power reserve, quite remarkable if you think about the two completely different displays.

The newer version -stark white against matt black- will be revealed at Baselworld. Baselworld is the leading annual watch and jewelry industry fare. This year BaselWorld runs from March 24th to March 31st in Basel, Switzerland.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ebel Adds Khaki to its Classic Sports Chrono Collection

Go sporty! Go Khaki! Ebel is jumping on the Khaki bandwagon
with its newest additions to its Classic Sports Chrono Watch Collection. In addition other new natural colors will also become available - beige, brown, coral pink and navy. It seems Khaki has become the "must have" color, and why not - Khaki is the color that most evokes a sense of wild adventure.

The newest models have the signature hexagon shaped case, and distinctive screws surrounding the dial. The Chronograph seconds hand matches the strap color providing an intriguing aesthetic quality to the watch. The dial sports three sub dials, but still the dial is easy to read and clutter free. The Classic Sports Chrono is protected by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and is water resistant to 50mm. The watch has a polished smooth finished with elegant pushers on the side.
Vertical indented striping on the rubber strap adds to the watches overall sporty look. Ebel has not released any pricing on its latest version, but being that this watch is crafted in steel, and is powered by a quartz ETA movement as opposed to a more labor intensive mechanical movement, the price will probably be quite affordable.
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Ebel History
Ebel, a company capable of crafting a watch with the perfect balance of feminity and elegance. In July 1911, Eugene Blum and Alice Levy, husband and wife stepped into the world of Horology by registering their new company. The name they chose is the acronym for their names: Eugene Blum Et Levy and thus nestled in the hills of La Chaux de Fonds, became the Capital of Ebel.

Just one year later, in 1912, Ebel presented its first wristwatches. In 1914 Ebel won a gold medal at the Swiss National Exhibition for patented ring watches with pallet escapement and a hidden time setting. In 1929 Charles-Eugene, son of Eugene and Alice joined the company, and together with watchmaker Marcel Reuche, he organized a flawless production control system, which guaranteed unsurpassed quality. From 1939-1945 Ebel went into production for the British Royal Air Force. Through the years Ebel has received many awards for their innovative cutting-edge ideas.
In 1975 Eugene and Alice's son, Pierre-Alain Blum, gained full control over Ebel. Ebel catapulted into a new dimension of watch manufacturing, making Ebel what it is today: One of the top five Luxury Watch Brands on the market. Ebel is now owned by Movado Group Inc.

Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Reasons To Reject a Fake Watch

Everywhere one turns it seems fake watches are popping up everywhere. In 2009 the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie implemented an Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign raising awareness of the problem plaguing the luxury watch industry, yet despite all their efforts replica watch sales are on the rise.
I have my thoughts on the matter and I as a long time luxury watch blogger enthralled by the perfection of genuine watch masterpieces perceive these fakes as product mockeries.

Here are 10 reasons why you do not want to purchase or wear a fake watch:

1) The quality of a replica is inferior, thus a genuine watch will last a lifetime, while your poor quality inferior fake watch will break within a year - probably when you are in desperate need of its "dependability".
a) The water resistance stated on a fake watch cannot hold up to any standard. A 100 meter water resistancy on a fake watch is anyone's guess.
b) A fake watch does not go through any rigorous testing, thus any mention of a chronometer is entirely erroneous.
c) It is highly unlikely that the fake watch has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal.
d) The integrity of a chronograph or a moon phase on a fake watch must be called into question. Time is real time, and I would not measure mine by a fake.

2) A fake watch holds your reputation at stake. Imagine just for a moment that you are at a business meeting surrounded by reputable people who count on your sincerity. This is your big break ... and then as you stretch out your hand to make a monumental statement relating to your integrity - everyone spots your fake watch, and with this we arrive at item #3.

3) Everyone who is anyone can spot a fake watch. OOPS! I think you might have a bit of sheepish explaining to do.

4) Credible brand name watch companies spend years on research and development, as well as hours of craftsmanship. Spending money on fake mockeries reduces revenue for genuine watch companies.

5) Giving a fake watch as a gift, to your girlfriend ,for example, clearly holds your relationship in question. Would you want your loved one to think of your relationship a sham.

6) Now I am not suggesting that you empty your pockets, your bank account and max your credit cards, there are plenty credible luxury watch companies who sell watches at affordable prices, and there are companies like THE WATCHERY who sell genuine luxury watches at discounted prices. In fact sometimes the watch prices at THE WATCHERY are so low they are even lower than the replica watch prices.

7) A fake watch has detrimental effects (mayhap unconscious effects) on your sense of self-worth. Looking at the hour of every day on your fake watch reminds you of what you are and not what you can become. Why would you fake yourself with a fake watch.

8) Fake watch producers are engaged in illegal activity such as reproducing an exact watch company's copyrighted trademarked logo.

9)The fake watches are often manufactured using inferior materials which are most often not hypoallergenic and health and safety standards are disregarded. The watches are manufactured in regions where child labor is common place and the revenue fills the pockets of mafias, criminal organizations and terrorist groups.

10) A Fake Watch is not very good for our impression management - the way in which we want others to perceive us. Fake is never a good description in terms of personality and in terms of a watch. Do yourself a favor and BE REAL! The Watchery can help.

THE WATCHERY only sells 100% genuine watches. THE WATCHERY guarantees that every watch is authentic with serial numbers. We are the Real People Company.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clerc at the Forefront of Timekeeping Beneath the Ocean

1000 meters below the sea is filled with strange and exotic oceanic life such as oil eating tube worms and tentacled transparent sea cucumbers where light cannot penetrate and humans can only venture in a submarine, yet there is a watch, resilient enough to withstand the pressure of this environment. The watch is a Clerc Hydroscaph sporting a water resistancy of 1000 meters and a crucial automatic helium escapement valve - making this watch one of the most sophisticated diving watch.

Geneva based Clerc has been crafting timepieces since 1874 and is committed to horological research and development in outer space and deep sea ocean explorations. The deepest SCUBA dive on record is 330 meters performed by French Scuba Diver Pascal Bernabé, while the deepest dive by a Navy diver in Atmospheric Diving System (ADS) suit is 610 meters. Gerald Clerc has indeed prepared for the future of diving timekeeping by crafting a timepiece capable of reaching 1000 meters. A depth no man has ventured.

The Clerc Hydroscaph Steel Version is comprised of a 75 part highly sophisticated case which required hours of research to provide the highest integrity under the most adverse conditions. The high grade steel fashioned in Clerc's distinctive octagonal case -a square fused to a circle - avoids the look of clunkiness, but rather imparts a sleek sophistication.

Clerc has used a photoluminescence which enables the diver to read the time even in the murky dark conditions of the deep sea.
The helium valve enables divers who operate at great depths and spend prolonged hours under extreme pressure breathing a mix like trimix containing gases such as helium (tiny molecules) or hydrogen (smallest molecules found in nature) to release the helium molecules that have worked their way through the o-rings or other seals. The helium and hydrogen molecules cause no damage when the watch is at great depths under pressure but as soon as the diver resurfaces, a pressure difference occurs between the trapped gas(es) inside the watch case and the surrounding air. This can cause the crystal to pop off damaging the watch thus the helium valve is a crucial edition to diving watches enabling the diver to release the gas build up and restore equilibrium. In the Clerc Hydroscaph the Helium Valve is Automatic removing the burden of the task from the diver. This feature is a great advancement in diving watches.

The watch is powered by a the automatic C606 movement with a 45 hour power reserve boldly indicated at the 6'o'clock. A GMT 24 hour dual time zone is visible at the 12 'o'clock position, which can be adjusted via a dedicated crown at the 10'o;clock. A date aperture is visible at the 3'o'clock position.
The watch dial is protected by a 4.00 mm glare proof scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The strap is vulcanized rubber which ensures maximum mobility, versatility and comfort as well as supreme durability.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

The “KudOktopus” by Stefan Kudoke

Recently, I have come across quite a few animal themed dials such as Cartier's crocodile watch and Concord's enigmatic C1 Blackspider, but the "KudOktopus" is the first Octopus themed watch I have seen. The designer is Stefan Kudoke, a watchmaker who prides himself in crafting (or should I say sculpting) one-of-a-kind exceptional hand made skeletonized timepieces. Each timepiece undergoes hours and hours of hand engraving to transform a precision mechanical movement into a work of art. Each piece is custom made providing the watch owner with the knowledge that his watch is an exclusive timepiece. To craft a skeletonized timepiece requires years of experience, and extraordinary concentrated effort.

Within the "KudOktopus, the Octopus is actually entangled into the swinging balance of the watch. The Octopus is rose gold and its suction cups are crafted in rhodium.

Rhodium (Rh) is a rare transition metal in the platinum group and much loved by watch makers for its highly anti-corrosive properties. Rhodium is one of the rarest precious metals and the most expensive.

The remaining movement and gears of the KudOktopus is galvanised from black rhodium. The Octopus secures the movement which beats at 28,800 vph and sports a 46 hour power reserve. The Octopus and its movement are held within a 42mm stainless steel case. The skeletonized dial and case back is protected by a scratch resistant Sapphire crystal and secured to the wrist with an alligator leather strap.

The KudOktopus will be in full view at Baselworld 2011 running from March 24th to March 31st, 2011.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Concord C1 BlackSpider still Shrouded in Mystery

Like a trailer from a horror movie, Concord is chilling our blood with a touch of suspense by revealing a tiny terrible depiction of the Concord C1 BlackSpider. This Horological Monster shall leave the shadowy cave of its creators and emerge for all to see at Baselworld commencing March 24th , 2011..
(More details about the Concord C1 will follow as soon as they become available...

... Until then do not despair, THE WATCHERY has a large selection of Concord C1's available at hugely discounted prices to purchase as we speak.

Check out the CONCORD C1 Silver Dial Rubber Men's Automatic Watch 0320028 For only $9,735.00 (45% off the MSRP), this baby can be yours. The rugged exterior softened by 80 diamonds on dial and bezel. This watch is a Certified Chronometer, which means it has undergone rigorous testing to prove it is worthy of the title. A rubber strap ensures maximum comfort and anti-slippage. Water resistant to 200 meters, this watch is built for tough.

Only $18,975.00 (45% 0ff MSRP) this timepiece rivals competition and is meant to be noticed. For unflagging time keeping, you can rest assured that the watch you have been searching for is here.
The C1 blends two materials - one from the past and one from the presents - rose gold and black rubber - in a presentation of utter beauty and marked performance.

So while we wait for the Concord C1 BlackSpider with curious trepidation - let us be satisfied that we have in our possession, (thanks to THE WATCHERY), a Concord C1 of unparalleled distinction.

I will keep you updated ...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Venture into a JeanRichard Highlands Sand

JeanRichard has delivered a rugged watch built for the toughest adventure. When endurance is a necessity and failure is not an option, a resilient precision timepiece is a worthy companion. The Highlands Sands depict the vast open spaces of Africa where nature is untouched and animals roam free. The hardy khaki fabric strap is fashioned from materials used to cover water canteens and other outdoor survival gear.

JeanRichard Highlands Sands is a reintroduction of its mid 1990's collection the "Highlands by JeanRichard" where Peter Beard captured the raw beauty of Africa's land.

A 44.55mm x 40mm sand blasted stainless steel tonneau case supports a round bidirectional rotating bezel. The ecru mat dial is the color of a desert dust storm with large Arabic numerals. Bold hands coated in luminescence enable time display even in dim conditions. A Scratch resistant anti-reflective sapphire crystal protects the dial and ensures maximum read out even under the brilliant African sun. A screw down crown and case back ensures water resistance to 100 meters, because you never know where your adventures may take you.

Via a scratch resistant sapphire crystal case back one can view a precise and durable JR21000 automatic movement. Equipped with a 48 hour power reserve and fastened with a folding safety buckle, this watch will never let you down.