Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One of The Most Expensive Timepieces Ever Made!

At the Formula 1 Grand Prix De Monaco 2011, The Hublot the official F1 timekeeper, unveiled one of the most expensive timepieces ever made: The 2 Million Euro’s BB unique piece.
Over 140 carats smother this transfixing time teller. The 18k white gold bracelet is a sparkly array of 353 Baguette Diamonds totaling 102.62 carats. The signature Hublot 18k white gold case is covered in 72 baguette diamonds which amounts to 20.85 carats. 72 baguette diamonds (11.14 carats) situated on the bezel surround a dial embedded with 116 diamonds (8.87 carats). One mustn't forget the rose cut diamond on the crown.
45 gem cutters worked solidly for an entire month ,putting in over 13,000 hours, to cut the diamonds. Once the diamonds were cut, it took an additional 2000 hours to set.
The movement is by no means less impressive , within the glittering exterior of the watch case beats a HUB 6003, mechanical hand-wound movement.
The dial, on two dimensions, is crafted from 18k white gold and palladium 150 (an extremely rare silvery white metal belonging to the platinum group metals). The case back is Sapphire crystal so when one tires (if ever) of staring at the front, one may be mesmerized by the movement.

Mr Bernie Ecclestone, President of Formula One Management together with Mrs Tina Zegg from ZEGG & CERLATI presented of one of the most expensive jewellery timepieces ever created, the 2 Million Euro’s BB.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tourbillon Cufflinks by Tf Est. 1968

You gotto love them, these new Tourbillon Cuff links, which I think is a brilliant idea. The sleek elegance of the cuff links add a sense of mysterious motion to the wearer. Perfectly round and crafted in steel, the tourbillon will move with the motion of the wearers wrist. A transparent mineral crystal coated with Sapphire ensures scratch resistance and maximum shock absorption. In order to prevent humidity from entering the cuff link, it is almost waterproof - a term not used in watch descriptions, but quite okay in describing these cufflinks. Nnot an actual tourbillon movement as one would find in a watch, the cuff links are rather a hair balance movement with an escapement wheel, to mimic the tourbillon movement. This is done very well, and the effect is outstanding.
The cufflinks salute the Tourbillon, which is an hypnotic complication invented in 1795 by French watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, a century after Newton defined gravity. Breguet reasoned that as a result of the constant position of the vertical position of the pocket watch, the balance spring is confounded by the effect of gravity effecting the accuracy of the watch. This error could be compensated with a tourbillion whereby the escapement, balance wheel, and balance spring is placed in a rotating carriage which turns once per minute on its own axis.

Cufflinks are all for the fashion and the show and there is no better way to draw attention to your latest acquisition than a captivating model tourbillon.

The Tourbillon cuff link is shock resistant and water resistant able to withstand sharp movements. If by some unfortunate circumstances whereby a certain "used to be loved one" throws a glass of champagne into your face and onto your shirt,for a reason you cannot quite fathom, your watertight cuff links are safe. (Now I am not saying this will happen). If the situation gets worst and you find yourself running through the streets with the large brother "of used to be loved one" hot at your heels, for a reason you still cannot quite fathom, your cuff links will remain securely fastened on your sleeve, as they are anchored by an extremely dependable snappy precision clasp system.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Experience the Thrill of a Tudor Fastrider Chronograph

Tudor's latest collection - Fastrider Chronograph takes you on a ride of your life. Strap one of these babies to your wrist and feel adrenaline begin to build up and pulse begin to quicken. You may have the irresistible urge to hop on the nearest motorbike and seek out long deserted highways where 80 miles an hour is the standard.
The Tudor Chronograph sleek 42 mm steel case with a polished and satin finish evokes a sense of extreme functionality, precision and optimal endurance. The sapphire crystal protects the dial, while remaining scratch free in an environment where tumble weed may blow across your path or swirling sand storms shower tiny
abrasive stones in every direction. A screw down crown ensures maximum protection to the automatic mechanical movement. In addition the Tudor Fastrider is water resistant to 550 meters.

Beneath the dial distinctive partially skeletonized hands indicate the hours and minutes. Three sub dials fashioned like the dials of a motorbike (see left) each perform important functions: At the 9 'o'clock position one can find the all important seconds hand. At the 3'o'clock a 30 minute totalizer and at the 6 'o'clock a 12 hour totalizer. Upon the flange is a minute marker another likeness to the dials on a motor bike. A tachometer is engraved into the bezel and can calculates speed based on travel time or measure distance based on speed. Direct -Action Chronograph Pushers looking very much like engine pistons fit into the middle case through black PVD coated cylinders and enable the wearer the ability to precisely measure short periods of time.
Another acknowledgment to the world of motor racing Motor Racing is the unique date corrector at the 9'o'clock position decorated with a black PVD coated shield, which jolts ones sub conscience and evokes the sudden need for the road. And if you think this baby is going to run out of juice, think again... the Tudor FASTRIDER has a power reserve of 46 hours.

Riding fast requires maximum wearing comfort and the assurance that the watch will remain securely strapped to the wrist. The new Tudor FASTRIDER collection satisfies that assurance by creating, on its leather strap watches, a new safety catch which is incorporated in the folding clasp. A satin finished three piece link steel bracelet with a polished center piece or a signature black TUDOR fabric strap with three sporty stripes which continue the three stripes across the dial are also available. The fabric strap is a spin off from 2010's Tudor Heritage Chrono Model.

Depending on your preference, the dial of the watch is available in black, white or silver sun.

The Road is calling! Get the thrill of a Tudor FASTRIDER.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Invest in a Patek Phillipe Luxury Watch?

Patek Phillipe Watches are highly coveted by collectors and bring in the most money at Auction Houses. As to the exceptional craftsmanship and extreme longevity, one only has to glance at the results of this years Sotheby's Geneva Sale of Important Watches where an extremely rare ,circa 1960, Patek Phillipe Chronograph sold for $815,637. No one can deny the investment attributes of this timepiece.

The more complications incorporated in a single timepiece will have exponential effects on the resale value of the timepiece. This particular timepiece has
a Perpetual Calander, which is one of the most difficult complications to master; requires the most components and is the most time consuming to craft.
The perpetual calender complication is not as eye catching as a tourbillon or as playful as a sonnerie or as insistent as a minute repeater, but it is a master of mechanical manipulation. And the master of mechanical manipulation is undoubtedly Patek Phillipe since 1839.

A Perpetual Calender provides the date, day and month ,while automatically making allowances for the different lengths of months, as well as accounting for leap years. A majority of the Perpetual Calender mechanisms utilize a differential gear mechanism from the hour wheel and this mechanism can comprise of several hundred gears, levers, and other parts. Thus you will notice that the parts listed on a Perpetual Calender Watch is substantially higher than on a regular watch or on watches with other complications.

A Chronograph Complication is currently in hot demand making a Chronograph Watch more desirable than a watch without a chronograph function. The Chronograph watch especially in the world of sports. The 1960's Patek Phillipe is a chronograph making it all the more desirable to collectors.

A Patek Phillipe Luxury Watch holds its value, as it is a known brand, with top sales at auctions, which proves Patek Phillipe has a high resale value. In addition, a Patek Phillipe mechanical luxury watch is timeless and does not bow and scrape to the constraints of technology.

In 2004, a Patek Phillipe Calibre 89 sold at a Sotheby's Geneva Auction for over 6.6 million Swiss francs. Only four Patek Phillipe Calibre 89 watches were produced to mark Pateck Phillipe's 150th anniversary. Crafted in 1989, in 18k gold this 2.4 lb pocket watch contains a total number of 1728 parts and 24 hands. Complications include: Day of the month, Day of the week, 12-hour recorder, Hour of second time zone,moon phase display, winding crown position indicator;century, decade and year displays (I suppose Patek Phillipe expects this watch to last quite a long time), Leap year indicator,Power reserve, month, thermometer,Date of Easter, Time of Sunrise, Equation of Time, Star Chart, Sun Hand, Time of Sunset and split second hand.

In 2002, Patek Phillipe crafted the most complicated watch integrated into a single timepiece -
Sky Moon Tourbillon.

Patek Phillipe is constantly raising the bar of watch craftsmanship, and making possible the seemingly impossible. To purchase an investment, purchase a Patek Phillipe at THE WATCHERYLink

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Girard Perregaux Diamond Covered Cat's Eye Tourbillon

Girard Perregaux originally introduced the Cat's Eye movement to provide women with the pleasure of owning a mechanical timepiece with a complication. To me, the latest Girard Perregaux Cat's Eye Tourbillon Haute Joaillerie timepiece is the epitome of timekeeping perfection.
Now I don't usually salivate over watches - I mean not overtly, but just look at Girard-Perregaux latest Cat's Eye Movement smothered in diamonds broken only by a captivating tourbillon suspended beneath a signature Girard Perregaux bridge.

The case is crafted in 18k white gold, which serves as the ultimate backdrop to 20 carats of diamonds. The exceptional diamond paving design and Girard-Perregaux in-house caliber GP09700-0006 manually wound (not automatic) required 700 hours of intense work.
The gray satin strap compliments the alluring display of diamonds and is secured with a white gold buckle decorated with ... what else... diamonds.

Oh and the price... how could I forget. For $490,000 this beauty can be yours to covet.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DeLaneau Comes to The Big Apple

If you want to pick an exquisite Delaneau Jumping hour/Jumping Minute Mechanical Amazone Blueberries or Rectangular Dôme Invisible Damier Watch then you can ... at 681 Madison Avenue New York City. DeLaneau has come to New York. Looking more like a very exclusive club, the new DeLaneau boutique embodies the style and grace of DeLaneau.

The opening of the New York boutique comes just months after DeLaneau opened its first flag ship store in rue du Rhône, Geneva. DeLaneau has plans to open more locations worldwide.

DeLaneau is a passionate luxury watch company transforming a timepiece into a piece of art. Established in 1949 in Bienne Switzerland, DeLaneau creates rare beauties. DeLaneau is little over half a century old, and thus moved its offices to a location steeped in centuries of watchmaking. Delaneau wanted the best and this historical 18th century residence in the center of Geneva's old town had the best in watchmaking techniques. The best stone setters, engravers, finishers, master goldsmiths and watchmakers as well as fine jewelry craftsman. Delaneau is one of the only companies that boasts an in-house enamel workshop whose superior craftsman have perfected the secrets and mystery surrounding this complicated art form.

Delaneu has focused on Mechanical Watches for women. Since quartz watches flooded the market in the 1970's, mechanical watches were reserved for machine loving men. Women's watches, although smothered in diamonds and gems, mostly kept time with a quartz movement. DeLaneau realizes that a women too can appreciate the deep tradition and brilliant craftsmanship of mechanical movements and thus has created thrilling mechanical movements for women.
he power behind DeLaneau is CEO and artistic director, Christina Wendt-Thevenaz. She is passionate about women's timepieces, and every luxury watch is inspected by Christina before it leaves the door. Christina wants each watch to be a woman's treasured item, a constant companion, that will be on her wrist throughout her life.

Only a few hundred pieces are crafted a year, each piece a sculptor, crafted by an expert watchmaker. The collections are quite unique and breathtaking. The Fauna Collection includes a timepiece displaying the bowed head of a white horse, another displays the vivid green of a leopards eye, and yet another the shimmering colors of a butterfly in flight. The Flora Collection contains a timepiece with the enigmatic orchid. The Lotus Collection is my favorite as the timepieces themselves breath the mystic and ancient symbolism of the Lotus Flower. The Tourbillon Collection is truly captivating, defying gravity, not only in function but also in rare beauty. The Angel Heart Collection seems to stem from a place between reality and fantasy. Within these collections are Amazone Timepieces. DeLaneau has created a jumping hours collection which has captivated the World of Horology.

For a moment, if you can look past the dazzling exterior of DeLaneau masterpieces, you would be pleased to know, the movement tracking the time is of superb quality and extreme precision. DeLaneau caters to the individual and if you desire a creation of your own, DeLaneau can provide you with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Monday, May 16, 2011

First Lady Wristwatch Gift Causes Country's Uproar

On Saturday July 11th, 2009, The First Lady of Ghana, Mrs Ernestina Mills presented The First Lady, Michelle Obama, a Backes & Strauss timepiece known as "The Star of Ghana" worth $48,000. This really was a lovely gesture, except the people of Ghana were slightly perplexed, to say the least, as to why the expense of this gift was only topped by Saudi Arabia's King Abdallah's $132,000 ruby and diamond jewelry gift.
This information came to light, on January 18th, 2011, when the State Department released the Federal Register itemizing the gifts given to President Obama, First Lady and Family.
Government officials cannot keep the gifts, but the gifts are accepted as "non-acceptance would cause embarrassment to donor and U.S government". Gifts to the President and First family go to the National Archives.

As it turns out this gift was not given by Ghana's First Lady, as itemized in the State Register, (see above)
In fact the government of Ghana states that "The First Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs Ernestina Naadu Mills, did NOT present Mrs. Michelle Obama with a Backes & Strauss wristwatch valued at $48,000, when President Barrack Obama and his wife paid a state visit to Ghana in the second week of July 2009. During the visit of President Obama and his wife, through the Government, all kinds of gifts were presented to them. One such gift is the said Backes & Strauss wristwatch which was presented to Mrs. Obama on behalf of Ghana by B&S And Africa Watch Trading Co Ltd (representatives of B&S in Ghana)."

Backes & Strauss London website states " Backes & Strauss London, in association with The Africa Watch Trading Co Ltd and on behalf of The Republic of Ghana proudly present THE STAR of Ghana, a unique and one off piece from their Regent Collection. As Masters of diamonds since 1789, Backes & Strauss the world's oldest diamond company craft and create exclusive watches, combining art and science, light and time." (No mention of the First Lady of Ghana)

I will not delve further into the controversy since I am eager to describe this watch, but click here should you want to know more about the exact details of the story.

I must admit the watch is a treasure, and although embroiled in controversy,is a lovely representation of Ghana. The flag of Ghana is situated boldly at the 6'o'clock position displaying the Pan African Colors. Ghana, after all, in 1957 was the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence. The Red symbolizes the blood shed to achieve independence, Gold represents Ghana's large amount of natural resources, and green is the richness of Ghana's agriculture. The striking black five pointed lodestar is
“symbol of African emancipation and unity in the struggle against colonialism." -Ghanaian Flag Designer: Mrs. Theodosia Salome Okoh

Within the flag is a moon phase complication, and below the 12 'o'clock is a large date aperture. A rotor equipped with a platinum segment winds the mainspring. The automatic movement is housed in a 18k Rose gold case. A bezel studded with three rows of comprising of 288 diamonds and weighing 2.35 carats surround the beautifully designed oval dial marked by hand polished rose gold Arabic Numerals. Backes & Strauss signature "Jewel in a Crown" is marked by a .09 carat ideal cut round diamond set upon the crown.

Thus, this watch baring the vibrant flag of Ghana, rests in the National Archives, and will remain there from year to year and from president to president, no matter who presented it. It is a gift from Ghana.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Corum Admiral Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Gets Covered in Rubber

has added color and more rubber to its Admiral Cup Challenger Collection. I must admit this rubbery look seriously works for the Admiral Cup Challenger 44 Chrono. The rubber accentuates the distinctive 12 sided 44mm Admiral Cup case.

Admiral Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Rubber timepieces are a daring collection of watches, unafraid to show their true colors of raging red, vivid blue and snowy white. The strap and bezel are rubber , while the case is steel and covered in rubber. The core collection of Admiral Cup Challenger 44 has a steel bezel and steel lugs and a more demure black or white face.(below).

The new rubber Corum's have only an outline of its nautical flags above the Admiral Cups signature time display. I like this look, as the added color of the nautical flags would cause dial confusion and clutter. I applaud Corum's sense of appeal by scaling back on some color to add more of another.

The crown and crown guard have not escaped the sudden rash of rubber, and are coated in vulcanized rubber. The signature Admiral Cup dial compliments the color scheme and at the same time provides the wearer with a clear legible time display.
The rotor is crafted in matching colors viewable via a scratch resistant sapphire crystal case back.
Inside the watch is a Corum COSC Chronometer certified CO753 automatic chronograph movement making this watch perfect for people who are serious about fun and serious about their watch.

Don't expect to see these babies mass produced, only 100 timepieces of each color will be available; however, Corum expects to release new colors every year.

(right inset - original Corum Admiral Cup Challenger 44 Chrono)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An "L" For Ebel On its 100th Anniversary

On its 100th Anniversary, Ebel has unveiled the "L" Watch. The "L" watch design fuses the sleek modern lines of today and reintroduces the watch as a pendant - a fashion statement all the rage in the early 1900's and a logical feminine approach to the pocket watch.

The "L" watch is as versatile as it is chic, and can be worn in many ways.
One can wear the watch as a pendant about the neck ,provided one can get used to reading time upside down, or one can attach the watch to a bag as an accessory or hung from a hook. This watch is great for people with allergies who cannot wear a watch around the wrist or who never got the wristwatch feel.

The case is anthracite grey with high polished and satin-brushed finishing - attaining a look of pervasive elegance.

The original Ebel Logo holds a prominent position on the watches simply beautiful dial.

The "L" watch is presented on a stylish cord and is available in camel tones.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Oakley Judge II Collection Built Tough

Oakley Judge II Watches are built for sports. The polished stainless steel case resembles the blur of a fast moving car or the shimmering gleam of the sun on a race track. A boldly framed sub dial at the 6 'o'clock position displays a second time zone. At the 12 'o'clock position, above the signature O for Oakley, is the large clear cut date aperture. The black dial with a mirrored inner bezel and white border is protected by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The case back is screw down, which insures a 330 feet water resistance. A leather strap with contrast stitching and stainless steel link completes a rugged look for an adventurous sort. The watch is powered by a high quality Swiss Quartz movement and is quite affordable. Available at THE WATCHERY. for only $299 (59% off the MSRP)

Oakley History
Oakley is a company which sells a wide range of innovative high quality sports gear embodying the spirit of real sportsmen who are serious about sports and serious about what they needs to succeed. Oakley began in 1975, when Jim Jannard questioned the sports gear industry standards, and knew he could do better. With a mere $300 he opened up his company in a garage lab and started on his first innovation: A motorcycle hand grip with a specialized tread which provided more grip to a rider's closed hand. Motorcyclists loved this new innovation, as the material and tread actually increased grip with increased sweat.
Jim still struggled to make ends meet in this highly competitive market of sports gear, but for the next 17 years his next design became a staple in MX Racing: The O FRAME® MX GOGGLE
with lenses curved in the precise arc of a cylinder.
The frames were low profile and optimized fit, which increased peripheral and downward vision. The lenses were
optically pure Lexan® reducing glare and heightening vision clarity. These lenses were part of pros like Ricky Johnson, Jeff Ward, Mark Barnett and Johnny O’Mara success.
Jim's next step was to reinvent sunglasses for all sports, and he was ready to challenge the big companies. He developed EYESHADES®. Utilizing Unobtainium® from his motorcycle hand grips and the O Frame® from his previous goggle design, he ensured this pair of innovative eyeglasses would provide the wearer with excellent clarity, perfect fit and excellent peripheral vision. Great athletes like Greg LeMond, three time winner of the Tour de France, Scott Tinley, Mark Allen and Lance Armstrong all relied on the excellent performance of the EYESHADES®.

Oakley has introduced many innovative products and has received over 600 patents worldwide including the TIME BOMB® sports watch - which converts motion into electrons without the use of springs or batteries. Within a watch case crafted from X Metal®, ultra-lightweight titanium alloy, an Inertial Generator® uses an O Engine® to change multiple vectors of movement into electricity. The wristwatch never requires winding or a change of batteries as the Inertial Generator drives electromagnetic induction with the torque of a precision flywheel mechanism, the O Engine®. The mechanical coils and springs of conventional timepieces have been replaced with streams of electrons that saturate a Polyacen Lithium capacitor and resonates quartz at 32,768 cycles per second.

Oakley watches are extremely durable and reliable with a serious sense of sporting style.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

5 Exceptional Timepieces for Women

At Baselworld 2011, Patek Phillipe SA demonstrates unsurpassed watchmaking skills with the release of a Ladies watch sporting a skeletonized movement.

The manually wound watch is ultra thin, gracefully decorated and engraved by hand. Both front and back of the 31.40mm case are protected by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal with brown tinted parameter creating a window to the Caliber 177 SQU movement. A slender yellow gold linked bracelet elegantly encircles the wrist.

Comprised of 110 components and 18 jewels, this Patek Phillipe SA timepiece is an example of worth.


Hublot's Big Bang Leopard is a Timepiece of note. In the wild leopards are elusive secretive creatures, who spend much of their time in trees. On the other hand Hublot's Big Bang Leopard is meant to be noticed.

The dial is decorated with a leopard rosette pattern and matching leopard print denim strap. Matching smoked quartz, andalusites, and citrine baguette cut stones punctuated by Hublot's signature H-shaped screws accentuate the bezel. The 18k red gold ,41mm case house a HUB4300 automatic chronograph movement. 18k red gold hands and yellow diamond hour markers indicate the time.
A timepiece created for the inner wild.

Van Cleef & Arpels awakes the spring in its latest unique Poetry of Time Haute Jewelry timepiece. It is a jungle scene. A pink flower in full bloom supported by diamond vines shelter a dial beneath its sapphire encrusted petals. If the skies fill with rain, the flower moves over and protects the dial. Monkeys crafted in white gold and set with high quality hand picked stones, as with the entire timepiece, frolic among leaves of emeralds and sapphires. Alternating bands of onyx and diamonds accentuate their tails crafted to simulate their boundless energy. With this timepiece Van Cleef and Arpels has, for now, come to the end of its Voyage Extraordinaire and what a voyage it has been.
The white gold case ,ringed with diamonds, houses a Swiss Quartz movement. A jewelry bracelet set with diamonds completes the look.

Flowers, jewelery or timepiece? Flowers, jewelry or timepiece? What does a women want? Breguet has solved this dilemma with its Petite Fleur Haute Jewerly watch. 43 baguette-cut diamond petals attached to hidden pivots flutter and quiver with the movement of the wrist. The concave dial is set with 141 diamonds arranged in the snow setting technique concealing the white metal dial beneath. Blued steel hollow tipped hands are hand molded to precisely move across the concave surface of the dial. A domed sapphire Crystal baring the individual number of the timepiece protects the dial. A sapphire Crystal case back displaying high quality finishing ,including circular grained bridges and barleycorn guilloché motif embellishing the platinum oscillating weight, has earned the mechanical automatic timepiece the Geneva Seal.

DeWitt Golden Afternoon Collection is quite fitting for this blog - being an entire collection dedicated to women. The collection was inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites ,a group of English painters, poets, critics who formed a brotherhood in 1848 in celebration of women, romance and symbolic nature. They were none to pleased with the current state of affairs at the Royal Academy and wished to enrich the Academy with a more direct and honest artistic expression overflowing with details, color and complex compositions.

DeWitt's The Golden Afternoon Collection embraces the stages of a women's life capturing her changing perspectives as time moves on. Adding a light sense of fantasy, DeWitt intertwines poetry and art to create a moving collection. The Golden Afternoon Dial depicted to the left, is a mother-of-pearl garden of delicate flowers which seem to float towards the dial. Dark clouds serve as the backdrop adding a powerful contrast quality to the dial. Feathers or "the wings of an angel" dial hands ,depending on how you wish to interpret the dial, indicate the time with the aid of 12 diamond hour markers. A DeWitt logo seems to waft across the dial on a sudden breeze in preparation of a storm. This watch creates a sense of powerful symbolism. Stay tuned for more remarkable additions to DeWitt's Golden Afternoon Collection.

To all the Mother's out there - HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Titanic Meets Octopus by Romain Jerome

Being a fictional writer as well, I sometimes get slightly carried away with watches that awake my imagination... and Romain Jerome watches always have that effect. Romain Jerome seems to be accompanying Urwerk to the zoo, and naming its watches after exotic wild life. (Recall Urwerk's Black Bird Timepiece, King Cobra, or better yet its Tarantula Timepiece *Gulp*).
Romain Jerome has opted for the octopus and its watery realm. I suppose the image goes quite well with Romain Jerome's Titanic Watch -where the watch is actually crafted from pieces of the Titanic.
These watches are all part of Romain Jerome "DNA of Famous Legends" collections. Depicted above ,in all its finery, is the Titanic-DNA-Octopus Timepiece. The octopus is engraved on the case back, and hidden from view just as in nature. Any outward sign of the octopus is noted by the octopus-type suction cups situated on the interior of the black vulcanized rubber strap; by the limited edition of 888 timepieces and (you'll love this) by the water resistance - yes this watch is water resistant to 888 feet. The 46 mm steel case houses a Romain Jerome in-house RJ002-A2 automatic movement with a power reserve of 42 hours.
And what of the Titanic? The bezel is crafted from stabilized rusted steel retrieved from the Titanic. The case featuring octagonal screws and screw-lock down crown is reminiscent of the Titanic's portholes. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal protects the "weathered steel look" dial and crisscrossed beams. Hour markers are coated with Superluminova, which glows blue in the dark.
This watch is also available in black with red accentuation with white hour markers and black with white hour markers.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The New Sleek Ebel Brasilia

Ebel has introduced a new sleeker more feminine version of the Ebel Brasilia, with flowing lines and sensual curves. The curvaceous bezel hugs a dial where an almost full Roman Numeral set of hour indicators surround an exquisitely feminine guilloche pattern. Within the dial's center true blue hands accentuate the time. Ebel's signature double E lays claim at the 3'o'clock adding a distinctiveness to the dial.
The watch is available in two sizes - the larger size featuring a date aperture at the 6'o' clock position. Crafted in alternating high-polished and satin-brushed steel finishes, the new Ebel Brasilia is a fine example of Architects at work.

Ebel History
Ebel, a company capable of crafting a watch with the perfect balance of femininity and elegance. In July 1911, Eugene Blum and Alice Levy, husband and wife stepped into the world of Horology by registering their new company. The name they chose is the acronym for their names: Eugene Blum Et Levy and thus nestled in the hills of La Chaux de Fonds, became the Capital of Ebel.

Just one year later, in 1912, Ebel presented its first wristwatches. In 1914 Ebel won a gold medal at the Swiss National Exhibition for patented ring watches with pallet escapement and a hidden time setting. In 1929 Charles-Eugene, son of Eugene and Alice joined the company, and together with watchmaker Marcel Reuche, he organized a flawless production control system, which guaranteed unsurpassed quality. From 1939-1945 Ebel went into production for the British Royal Air Force. Through the years Ebel has received many awards for their innovative cutting-edge ideas.
In 1975 Eugene and Alice's son, Pierre-Alain Blum, gained full control over Ebel. Ebel catapulted into a new dimension of watch manufacturing, making Ebel what it is today: One of the top five Luxury Watch Brands on the market.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Louis Moinet SA Geographic Rainforest Unveiled by King of Maylasia

Louis Moinet timepieces exude aristocracy as though blue blood runs through every component.

In Baselworld 2011, it was the King of Maylasia himself, His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin and his lovely Queen, who unveiled Louis Moinet's GEOGRAPH rainforest.

The GEOGRAPHIC forest Louis Moinet timepiece is limited to 120 pieces, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the
PULAU BANDING Foundation” which strives to preserve one of the oldest rain-forest's in the world, the Malaysian tropical forest of Belum-Temengor. This forest is the largest untouched forest reserves in Peninsular Malaysia and is the home of many animals and plants which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. "Belum" literally means "land before time", and it is here in this untouched worldliness, roams 14 of the worlds most threatened mammals including the Malaysian Tiger, Malaysian Sunbear, Sumatran Rhinoceros, the White-handed Gibbon, Asiatic Elephant, and Malayan Tapir.

The timepiece has two chronograph counters which are crafted from a new material to the watch making world, but ancient to the natural world - petrified palm wood. Petrified Palm Wood from this region is said to be over 70 million years old and is unique since it contains rod like structures within the regular grain of the silicified wood. These structures show up as spots when sliced across. The rod-like structures are woody tissues that gave the wood its vertical strength. Because the wood is comprised of silica, it polishes well, and is resistant to wear and tear.

The bezel and 45.50 mm case is an attractive combination of 18k rose gold and 316L stainless steel. The upper steel bezel affixed to the case with the aid of six screws. "Champagne-cork" style gold and steel Chronograph pushers ,embellished with an atlas motif, are placed either side of the crown which is equipped with an interchangeable crown tube system - patent pending. A black dial with a Cotes du Jura design reminds me of the constant darkness of the forest floor permitting, in places, thin strands of sunlight. At the 9' o'clock a bright gold sun turns at every second. The hour and minute hand indicators are crafted in 18k gold and towards the end is the image of a dew drop. A 24 hour time display is indicated by an applied dark blue and gold tone zone. A central blued serpentine hand reads the dual time.

The case back is affixes with 7 screws ensuring 50 meters water resistance and features the engraving of an orangutan and a rhinoceros hornbill against the backdrop of a tropical rain forest beneath the nights sky.

Powering the timepiece is an automatic mechanical movement containing 25 jewels and beating at 28,800 vph with a 48 hour power reserve.

A hand-sewn Louisiana alligator leather strap and lining is secured with a 316L stainless steel double folding clasp. When purchased, the watch will arrive in a handsome presentation box with a Louis Moinet book and a hand written guarantee.