Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jeanrichard Terrascope in Deepsea Blue

I have a weakness for blue dials.  Think Piaget Emperador, Ulysses Nardin, Blancpain and Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez-vouz blue. Now I have another stunning blue to add to the list - The Jeanrichard Terrascope timepiece.  The dial of the Terrascope is an intriguing blend of  blue hues accentuated by a textured look providing the illusion that one is looking upon the swirling seas of mother earth from a distant planet. Of course I have not come by this notion as a result of my overactive imagination (of which I am not denying), but rather by the name of the collection itself.
Terrascope in its literal sense means "Terra" - as in earth and "Scope" as in viewing instrument like microscope or telescope. It seems, again in its literal sense,  an instrument such as a terrescope would be of no use to us earthly folk, because as the name suggests ,and it being the antithesis of a telescope , the terrascope would be much more useful to inquisitive aliens. Jeanrichard other collections include the Aquascope and Aeroscope.  Jeanrichard refers to the Terrascope collection as "The accomplice of the explorers of the planet."

So how does the new blue  Jeanrichard Terrascope 39mm fare as an explorer's accomplice?  As far as blending in with an explorers get-up, the Terrascope signature structure sporting a round bezel and dial superimposed over a cushion shaped watch case exudes a look of rugged competence. This type of construction enables a unique modular case design. The advantage of the modular case - its exploded version depicted to the left - is its ability to integrate different materials and design elements into the timepiece without having to perform a complete overall.  In addition, since the watch is a partner in earths exploration, different explorers require different watch options, of which JeanRichard provides many.
Of course when one is exploring the earth, one is bound to happen upon a large body of water where getting quite wet is the only option of passage.   Thus the Terrascope is water resistant to 100 meters successfully implemented without a screw down crown.  Of course this is due to clever and optimal construction culminating from years of watchmaking experience.  JeanRichard is a sister company to Girard Perregaux, both now under the Kering Group,  and named after the great watchmaker Daniel JeanRichard - read his incredible story here.
The 39mm Terrascope sporting new subtle alteration of proportions adds underlying classic formality to a sporty watch.  Beneath the azure blue dial, rhodium coated hands and suspended indices, a self-winding JR60 movement beats at 28,800 vph visible via a sapphire crystal case-back.  The sapphire crystal case back is a new feature in this collection enabling the wearer to view the watch movement in action beneath the to and fro movement of the black oscillating weight.

The purpose of the oscillating weight or rotor in any watch enables automatic winding without winding at the crown. The rotor is designed to move back and forth during the swinging motion of ones arms while walking.  The movement of the rotor or oscillating weight winds the mainspring.  The mainspring stores the energy which is released at a constant rate - thanks to the  efficient mechanics of the balance spring and escapement.

The dial of the JeanRichard Terrsacope is actually a two part construction with a raised outer ring baring the minute track. The hands and hour markers are situated on the actual dial plate. The chiseled baton hour markers are tipped by Superluminova allowing for easy readout in the dark. Superluminova also coats the  JeanRichard Terrascope signature arrow hour hand and losangé minute hands.  Other dial functions include a  red tipped arrow seconds hand as well as a date aperture located at the 3 'o' clock position. 

 Quite a few striking female models have also been released with these new redesigned dimensions. Dusty Rose hues and shimmering diamond bezels to name but a few.

With its remarkable versatility;  dependable craftsmanship; astonishing range of color, gem and material combinations and affordable pricing ($2000-$5000 range - depending on materials and gems) and now more models sized at 39mm,  the JeanRichard Terrascope collection should be well taken in consideration when out to purchase a watch.