Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Artya Bone Chilling Halloween Watches

Artya Halloween Special Collection Masks of Evil Watch sends chills down my spine. The bezel has been slashed like wounds on skin. On the dial a screaming deathly white skull appears from a slithering blackness as the time is marked in red razor sharp hour markers. The strap is a “Crazy frog” tanned toad skin. The watch is automatic mechanical movements with water resistance of 50 meters.

" Scared of spiders little one?", the evil green monster says through a row of pin like teeth. It is waving Artya's spider watch. Green blisters bubble, pop and ooze a thick yellowy goo from a leathery outstretched feeler.
The dial can send one with arachnophobia running for cover as the corpse of a real spider lies among cleverly crafted rubble of a long forgotten world. The battered bezel is emblazoned with demons. Hauntingly artistic, the watch has been subjected to 17 different artistic techniques to resemble that lone artifact to survive "the day after tomorrow".

As far as Halloween watches go, these two watches are about as unsettling as you can get. No candid shots at horror. These watches are the real deal.