Friday, April 30, 2010

Breitling's Nigel Lamb Standing at 2nd in Red Bull Air Race

The Red Bull competition is in full flight. Competing are the greatest pilots flying with gut wrenching speed and mind blowing precision. Each pilot is individually timed, having to complete giddy ascents, tight turns and sharp dives through the pylon course , known as air gates. Breitling is the Official Timekeeper of Red Bull Air Race, timing the competition with definite precision. In addition, Breitling exhibits its colors with Nigel Lamb, a British pilot maneuvering his MX2.
Nigel Lamb has been with Breitling for over ten years creating the Breitling Air Racing team in 2005 as the partnership rose to the new challenge of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Born on a remote farm in Zimbabwe, on August 17th,1956, Nigel Lamb caught his passion for flying from his father an ex-RAF pilot.

He was just 11 years old when he first applied to the air force - and was ultimately excepted at 18. Lamb served in the air force for 6 years flying piston aircraft, helicopters and jets after which he became an Aerobatic pilot in UK. He stunned audiences around the world leading teams with a tremendous display of speed and agility. Lamb boasts major film affiliations being the aerial coordinator in movies such as " Hart's War, Dark Blue World" and "Waiting for Dublin". Loving competition, Lamb joined the Red Bull Air Race World Championships in 2005. His first and second year of competing, Nigel held 10th place, but he has been inching to the top year by year. In 2009, he grabbed 6th place.

Currently, after the first two flights held in Abu Dhabi and Perth, Nigel Lamb is in 2nd place, just 4 points behind Paul Bonhomme, former RAAF fighter pilot. It is proving to be an excruciating tight race with 2008 champion, Austrian Hannes Arch, rookie Australian Matt Hall and Canadian Pete Mcleod all tying just four points behind him. With 6 more races to go, one of which will be held for the first time, on June 19-20, over the Hudson River in NYC, it is still any one's race.
Nigel Lamb is well prepared for 2010, excelling on the difficult tracks and working tirelessly to mesh his flying skills with those of the MXS-R.
We may just see Breitling Flying Team Champions of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

If Only ... $3.5 Million Dollar Luxury Timepiece

Imagine (unless you actually have $3.5 million to spare on a watch) you could get mom a Piaget Emperador Temple Diamonds Watch. Imagine what she'd say. You'd have to tell her the 1200 plus diamonds are all real, and although, you don't really want to tell her how much you spent on it, you cannot help but drop a hint or two. At first she won't realize it is a watch, but rather a dazzling bracelet resembling a tiny glittering version of a terraced stepped pyramid topped by a large emerald cut stone.
But then you can show her how the top opens to reveal an elegant mother of pearl dial framed with a delicate string of superbly cut diamonds.
"Piaget," she will say softly as she gently runs her finger across the top of the dial. Mother will want to give you a hug,
"but there is more," you say, anxious to show her the magical movement beneath. Up till now you were standing, but now you sit next to her as she cradles Piaget's exquisite masterpiece in her hand. This time the entire top portion of the pyramid opens revealing a larger diamonds paved face with a one minute tourbillon and power reserve indicator .
"Two movements," she marvels as she opens and closes the watch.

You may have to stop imagining now as Piaget has only crafted one such watch, which has been sold.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Romain Jerome Newest Watch Explodes With Volcanic Force

Romain Jerome has unleashed a smoldering masterpiece actually harboring some genuine ash from that great "travel hampering" Icelandic Volcano Eyjafjallajokull. Fit for the wrist of a vulcanologist, this one of a kind watch is part of Romain Jerome DNA Collection. This watch is undoubtedly my favorite Romain Jerome watch thus far. The resemblance to molten lava is brilliant - black carbon bursting forth with glowing fiery orange flowing over the dial and spilling onto the bezel. The hands end in tiny airplanes hinting at the travel woes resulting from ash clouds caused by Volcano Eyjafjallokull. Over 100,000 flights were canceled making this Europeans worse breakdown in civil aviation since World War II.
A perfect fit for the DNA Collection as volcanoes spew the very core of the earth; change the very landscape we tread and make land in an ocean where no land existed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rado Sintra Gets Some Color and Loses Face

Well, well, well what do we have here - it seems a whole new Rado look. Rado, the watch company that boasts the Guinness Book of Records for the hardest watch ever (1996, Vision 1 Watch), has unveiled its first ever skeletonized dial. Utilizing its iconic resilient watch material - specially formulated ceramic-Rado has given us a glimpse of what lies beneath. The ETA automatic movement comprises of gold-tone segments ,black bridges and a dash of red , thanks to synthetic ruby stones. A rotor in the shape of Rado's anchor logo is placed on the underside of the watch and rotates while one walks, thereby powering the watch.

Certified as a chronometer, you can rest assured that this movement has been subjected to rigorous testing under numerous adverse conditions, and by the time you strap it on your wrist, this watch will provide optimal performance and maximum resilience. Rado is releasing a limited quantity of only 111 Rado Skeleton Sintra Automatic Watches (not sure the significance of the quantity).

Rado watches look new for decades and have an excellent resale value

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tag Heuer New Concept Watch

Tag Heuer loves suspense, as we all know from its first hint to its final deliverance, in 2009, of the Tag Heuer Monaco V4. Now Tag Heuer has unveiled a pendulum watch which has completely redefined the traditional mechanical movement of a watch. With this new concept watch, an important factor is not what is added, but what is omitted. Watch this video for greater clarity.

This watch has no hairspring. The hairspring is a fine coiled spring that regulates the movement of the balance wheel, and is quite sensitive to change in temperature. In place of the hairspring, Tag Heuer has implemented a pendulum “spring” regulated by magnets and beating at a frequency of 43,200/hour (6 Hertz). The pendulum is by no means a new idea, as the pendulum clock was invented by Christiaan Huygens in 1657, one of the first great horologists. It was a marine timekeeper which used a pendulum; however the great rolling waves confounded its accuracy and changes in temperature and humidity thickened its oils. Huygens, then patented the spiral balance spring as alternative to the pendulum. You could say Tag Heuer has returned to its watch making roots with the reintroduction of the pendulum as part of the watch movement.
I am truly excited by Tag Heuer's historic new endeavor as it has the potential to make great waves in the world of horology.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hublot Official Timekeeper and Watchmaker for FIFA 2010

South Africa is a bustle of activity preparing for FIFA 2010, which begins in just 52 days. Soccer balls are literally everywhere; swaddling the Hillbrow Tower, flanking the airport walls and popping up on hundreds of billboards far above the noise of jack hammers and lawn mowers. Stadiums in iconic shapes loom under the bright yellow African sky such as Johannesburg's calabash (an African pot) shaped stadium and Cape Town's Green Point Stadium a stone's throw from Table Mountain. Soccer trinkets emblazoned with FIFA 2010's lovable mascot, "Zakumi"- a soccer ball toting leopard with bright green hair- herald the games approach. Bright yellow and green T shirts have become quite a fashion statements as entire families don their teams attire. South Africa counts their sleeps as watches and clocks tick the coming of the games; however, once the games begin Hublot will track the time. Hublot's name will be on all timekeeping devices and time displays; in addition, Hublot will release wristwatches for the occasion.
So grab your vuvuzela, paint your face and get ready for a GOOOAAAALLLL.