Wednesday, June 3, 2015

More Fur for Fendi My Way Collection

If you have a fur fascination, Fendi finds your way.  The Fendi My Way Collection ,unveiled in September of last year,will fill your fur fetish. Each diamond studded watch is accompanied by a removable soft fox fur plume, which slides over the strap surrounding the bezel. The fox fur plume is available in many colors and arrangements. At first I thought the idea of placing a wreath of fur around a perfectly good diamond encrusted watch was quite ridiculous, but then the idea grew on me.  I suppose that's the crux of fashion, to reveal a startling new way of donning attire or accessories and then letting the wave of appreciation, delight and salivation slowly rise and rise.  I have always been a great fan of Fendi designer,  Karl Lagerfeld, and I have been quoting him for years and years - actually every since I wrote a blog about him back in 2009 -
Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfield, and his view on luxury in tough times.

The Fendi May Way Collection timepiece ,without the trappings of fur, is quite nice in itself, but its is the fur that adds a wonderful dash of color and fun.  My favorite is the red timepiece.  The watch is rather plain baring a round yellow gold bezel; curved case inspired by an arena; matching yellow gold indices and hands above a sleek black dial. Fendi's signature marks the 12 'o'clock position in true Fendi flare.  The watch is strapped to the wrist via a Fendi Elite red textured calf skin strap.  The same leather used to fashion the Fendi 2Jours bag.  The strap is secured to the wrist with a yellow gold colored pin buckle baring the Fendi Logo.  The watch precisely tracks the time thanks to the highly competent yet unremarkable Swiss quartz movement.

All in all this fashion watch is quite respectable exuding a sense of fashion and good taste. Personally I don't really love it.

Slide the plume on, which Fendi refers to as the "Glamy", and the watch is suddenly transformed into something exotic  and daring.  The curve of the watch case is all at once accentuated  as it  cradles in a luscious bed of red fox fur. Suddenly I love it!  Frankly I think the fox fur plume is quite a brilliant idea and until Fendi unveiled the My Way Collection, I had never really seen anything quite like it.  Of course, there are the watches which have interchangeable watch and bezel straps, but nothing like a watch nestled in a fox fur plume.  The watch ,if you want, is also available in stainless steel, two tone and rose gold.  Water resistant to 50 meters without the plume of course.
Price: $850.00

In March 2015, the Fendi My Way Collection unveiled quite a few diamond studded versions: 4 new models in limited editions of 50 pieces each. These watches are accompanied by a luscious Arctic Fox Fur Glamy available in silvery blue, kiwi green and bright orange. ( image at the top of the post) The straps themselves have quite a bit more pizazz crafted from Elaphe snakeskin strap. The strap color matches the color of the Glamy.  The watch is available in a small which is paved in 421 diamonds or larger sporting 667 diamonds.  Again this version is quipped with a quartz movement.