Thursday, June 30, 2011

Richard Mille RM 027 at Only Watch Auction in Monaco

For this years Only Watch Auction,held by Antiquorum once every two years in September at the Monaco Yacht Show to raise charity for the medical research of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Richard Mille is providing it lightest watch crafted with tennis champion Rafael Nadel in mind. The RM 027 weighs just 20 grams and is highly shock absorbant. The efficiency and resiliency of this watch has been tested on numerous occasions, not only in a lab, but also in more naturalistic settings - around the wrist of Rafael Nadel as he plays in tennis matches.

Richard Mille worked in close collaboration with Rafael Nadel while researching and developing the RM027 and wore the watch to training sessions inorder to test its resiliency under impact.

As a rule for most watches, tennis is one of those games, where people take off their watch rather than strapping one on, as the impact of racket to ball causes a sudden jarring of the movement within the case. Most movements cannot withstand the constant impact, and is likely to become damaged; however, Richard Mille has designed this watch with superior shock absorbent able to withstand the jarring effects of the sports.
One must not forget the RM 027 is able to achieve this level of shock absorbency in a watch with a tourbillon complication. In addition this manual winding watch weighs a mere 20 grams. The lightness of the watch ensures Rafael Nadel's game will not be hampered in any way from the added weight of a watch. Rafael Nadel has been wearing this watch on the courts since may 2010, and both player and watch have not wavered in performance.
Rafael Nadel met a 15 year old boy suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy back in April after the Monte Carlo championships, at which Rafael Nadel boasts the most wins -7 and the most consecutive wins, and handed the lad his watch as a symbolic gesture.
Only 50 limited edition of the RM 027 was made, making the watch highly coveted by collectors who may want to try their hand at a bit of tennis.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fortis B-42 Flieger Gets a Big Date and Adds a Collection of Ladies

The Classic B-42 Flieger has gotten itself a Big Date, thanks to the incredibly reliable Calibre F2014, which provides the watch with the ability to display the day at the 9 'o'clock position in either English or German. The timepiece is water resistance to a depth of 200 meters increasing its versatility. One can view the incredible movement via a Sapphire crystal case back. The dashing 42 mm PVD black coated or brushed steel case surround a handsome black dial protected by a double coated sapphire crystal. The Classic B-42 Flieger is very easy to read by day and by night, with clear white numerals, indices and hands coated with luminescence.

Now that the Classic B-42 Flieger has the Big Date, what about the ladies. No need to worry, Fortis will supply the ladies, for its 100th anniversary, in wonderful get up fit for a party or a romp in the park. The Ladies Timepieces are equipped with a high quality automatic movement. To the left of the inset, I present the Flieger Lady, a picture of subdued elegance and exceptional taste. To the right is the glamorous Official Cosmonauts Chronograph glittering with diamonds. But don't let this baby fool you, this timepiece has a functionality on par with more masculine counterparts. The Official Cosmonauts Chronograph is equipped with a highly efficient Swiss Valjoux automatic Chronograph movement 7750 and sports a tachymeter to measure speed of a moving object, in conjunction with the slender seconds hand.

The Fortis B-42 Flieger may have a touch of competition if the new Fortis B-47 BIG BLACK comes to town. A rugged uni-directional bezel rimmed with a gear pattern and armed with an innovative mechanics system developed by Fortis, may have quite a chance. The dark dial equipped with the day and date display is protected beneath a scratch resistant Sapphire crystal. And if by chance you think, that the Fortis B-47 BIG BLACK may not be noticed after all, you are quite mistaken. The B-47 BIG BLACK is 47mm in diameter and crafted from PVD coated steel and is water resistant to 200 meters.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Zenith Star 159 days in Space

Zenith El Primero Striking 10th had no need for a tourbillon, as in space there is no gravity to hinder the effective precision of a watch; however, it is interesting to discover how Zenith El Primero fared with absolutely no gravity at all. As it turns out, quite well. After 3 planes and 14 Mi-8 helicopters with 7 rescue vehicles located the soyouz spacecraft reentry capsule on the vast steppes of Kazakhastan , after 159 days on the International Space Station ,they found , ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli and his Zenith El Primero Striking 10th timepiece, along with his Russian and American fellow astronauts , doing just fine.

It is very fitting for the Zenith El Primero Striking 10th, based on the world's first automatic chronograph, to spend time up in space where its founder gazed so many years ago to gain inspiration for its identity.

Georges Favre-Jacot, founder of Zenith in 1865 at just 22, desired to make the best watch movement. To achieve his goal he hired the best watch- makers and designers, placed them all under one roof providing them with adequate lighting and heating, a luxury for most working conditions in those days, and set out to make a superior movement. The movement was made, and George Favre-Jacot was very pleased with the result. However, a watch movement of this quality required a proper name to represent its worth. George Favre-Jacot looked to the heavens, teeming with stars. He riveted his gaze towards a constellation rotating around a pole star, and his mind still intensely focused on his new watch movement, compared the celestial movements to the wheels and pivots turning on their axis. Thus he named the company Zenith, a term from the Celestial Coordinate system -referring to a direction pointing directly "above" a location in space, and as his logo, he chose a star.

Just like its ancestor, the original El Primero movement, which was the first chronograph to beat at a rate of 10 vibrations per second greater than the usual 8 vibrations per second, the Zenith El Primero Striking 10th, has its own horological milestone to flaunt. This Zenith El Primero Striking 10th, which won a best watch award, utilizes a flying seconds hand measuring time in 1/10ths of a second increments. The flying seconds hand going around the dial every second is also known as a "foudroyante" - most "foudroyante measure in 1/8ths of a second, but the zenith tracks seconds to the tenth. The movement supporting the 1/10th of a second flyback column wheel 60 minute chronograph is an in-house Zenith caliber 4057B vibrating at 36,000 vph.

But Zenith has not had enough of space, the company has another plan in the works. Zenith has partnered with Felix Baumgartner, Austrian pilot, champion parachutist and record-setting BASE jumper, in a project named Red Bull Stratos. Felix Baumgartner will jump out of a capsule suspended in the stratosphere - at an altitude of 36.5 km - four times higher than planes fly to beat four world records: highest manned balloon flight; highest leap; longest free fall , an an unprecedented first time ever achievement to break the sound barrier with a human body. Strapped to his hand will be a Zenith timepiece. Zenith being one of the main sponsors of this event, which will result in new research data for the improvement of aerospace safety. If any watch can maintain efficiency and reliability under these unearthly conditions, it will be a Zenith.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Enchanting Ikepod Hourglass at Only Watch Auction

"Within the dim confines of a mad scientist's underground lab, atop a table crafted from alabaster, a blood red Ikepod hourglass marks the time. As your eyes adjust to the faint flickering light cast by low burning gas lamps, you can just make out that the stuff within the hour glass is not really sand at all. But what is it? What substance is marking the minutes in this dark dusty dungeon? You edge closer, ever so careful not to tread on the strange exotic markings etched onto the floor and glowing a faint green. As you pass the markings, you feel a slight tingle as the hair on your legs stand on end; however, you do not notice, you are transfixed by the hour glass. The hourglass vibrates just a bit, and then ever so slowly turns over. Now you know what black substance flows within the hour glass. Now you know. Within the hour glass black micro balls fall through the tiny constricted space keeping perfect time. The movement of the balls mesmerize you as you notice the curvature of the glass slightly distorts the nano balls within. The gentle rustling enchants you and you must have this magnificent piece of ancient timekeeping. But a certainty hits you like a ton of bricks. There is but one blood red Ikepod hourglass. But one. However, the Ikepod Hourglass is very much for sale at The Only Watch Auction by Antiquorum held at the Monaco Yacht Show this coming September, and if you purchase the Ikepod Hourglass know that the proceeds go to a very good cause. A very good cause indeed. The proceeds go to raise charity for medical research of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy."

Ikepod by Marc Newson, is the only company that sells very high end hourglasses. These hourglasses, exquisitely sculptured from a single tube of borosilicate industrial glass, range in price from $13,000 to $40,000 depending on the size. Marc Newson's creations are available in two sizes. The larger ones are 300mm height, 250mm width, and 9.6 kg in weight and the smaller versions are 150mm in height, 125mm wide and 1.5 kg in weight. The price also depends on the nano balls. Some are made from steel or black colored steel, others in copper and still others in gold. The hour glasses containing the gold nano balls are only available in very select locations. The Ikepod hourglasses are wonderful examples of functional art measuring time one hour at a time (larger version) or 10 minutes at a time (smaller version).

A Touch of Hourglass History
The use off hourglasses was first mentioned in the 14th century, used in work shops to determine if sufficient time had past in tempering metal, and then later as "sand glasses" on naval ships to measure 30 minute increments of time. This "hour glass was known as a "watch glass". In the following centuries hour glasses were used to measure speed of sea vessels. A log was tied to a rope. The rope was knotted at regular intervals of
about 47 feet (14.3 meters) long . Once the log was thrown overboard, the rope attached to the stern rail did not move much while its attached log line trailed out from the moving ship. After 28 seconds, the amount of knots that had passed overboard was counted. The number of knots that ran out in 28 seconds was more or less the speed of the ship in nautical miles per hour. An hourglass was used to measure the seconds that passed. The term "knots" is still used as the speed measurement of nautical miles. Knots now refers to one nautical mile an hour or 1.15 miles on land. Today hour glasses are used in board games such as Pictionary or boggle, or in the kitchen as "egg timers" or as exquisite artistic functional creations by Ikepod.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Breitling Gets Into the Gaming Industry

Breitling, the makers of exceptional timekeeping instruments particularly in aviation, hosts and partakes in countless airshows and air competition, where pilots perform death defying acts, pushing the limits of speed and gravity.

Now Breitling wants you to enjoy the heart stopping adrenaline rush first hand. Of course you will need either a smart phone or a touch pad for a small fee, or free of charge on your IPhone, IPod touch and IPad. The Game known as "Breitling Reno Air Races" is a enjoyable prelude to the Breitling Sponsored National Championship Air Races, where low flying aircraft navigate 7 to 10 pylons, making sure they remain to the outside of the pylons and above the minimum altitude in accordance with the rules. The Breitling Reno Air races take place from September 14th to 18th, 2011 in Reno, Nevada, but you don't have to wait that long to feel the rush of air beneath your wings.

Breitling's debut app on iOS, "Breitling Reno Air Races.", developed by Revo Solutions and Bulkypix, is cleverly designed to replicate a genuine real life Breitling Reno Air Races Contest. The graphics are brilliant , a play on our perceptions as to what is real and what is not. Click on the Vid and see for yourself. But watch out - if you have a weak stomach - take precautions, because with this new game, you are in for the ride of your life.

Characteristics - as per Breitling.Com
  • Epic races with rare intensity
  • Incredible fully 3D graphics
  • Ultra-exact copy of Renos ground and race circuits
  • Optimized gyroscopic and touch controls
  • 3 play options: Quick Play, Single Race and Multiplayer
  • WiFi and 3G multi-player function for up to 8 players
  • Several Classifications of planes and circuits
  • Customizable planes: name, style and colors
  • Tutorial to learn to fly in a race
  • Openfient compatible
This game in all its thrilling glory, is available, free of charge and exclusively on iOS platforms.

Click here to get your Breitling Game absolutely free

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What You Don't Know About Water Resistance and Your Luxury Watch. (But about to find out)

Summer is here and that means lots and lots of water. Whether you intend on splashing or swimming or floating or diving or just hanging around at the water's edge, you need a watch with some measure of water resistance. Here are some useful tips on what makes a watch water resistant and if the water resistancy of your watch is enough for the type of water sports you enjoy. If you plan on entering a dark underground watery chamber in full diving gear, then a watch with a helium valve and 300 + water resistance is probably the best idea. If on the other hand, you cannot swim - nope never learnt and have no intention of doing so, than a watch which can handle a splash or too is your best bet. The market is absolutely brimming with great water resistance watches, some of which have water resistancy exceeding man's maximum diving depth like the Hublot King Power Diver 4000m or Clerc Hydroscaph 1000m.

So what exactly is water resistance and what makes one watch more water resistant than another.
What components make a watch water resistant?
– O rings made of rubber, nylon or Teflon. The gaskets form water tight seals at the areas where the crystal, back and crown meet the watch case.
· Sealant – a quick hardening liquid. The sealant lines the water-resistant watch case. This helps prevent any moisture from entering the watch case.
· Watch case. The thickness and material of the watch case also play a major factor in determining whether the watch can be safely submerged in water. A sturdy case has a greater ability to withstand the water pressure without caving in, thus the case is made from steel, titanium or steel plated with gold. Solid gold cases can be water-resistant if they are thick enough.
· A screw in case back – rather than the push in case back.
· A screw in Crown – found in most diver watches. This helps prevent water penetrating the watch-stem hole.
2. What will happen if water gets into my watch?
When water seeps into the interior of the watch, watch parts can rust, slowing down mechanical mechanisms or short circuiting electronics. Therefore utmost care must be taken to ensure that the type of water activity you do with your watch, meets the luxury watch manufacturers guidelines.
  1. Why can’t I find a water-proof watch?
A couple days ago my friend approached me. He was in the market to purchase a new luxury watch; however, he was becoming very agitated..
“I have searched high and low, from website to website, but I just cannot seem to find a watch that is labeled water- proof.”
“Well, “I said pleased with my new found knowledge, “I can help you on this one. The Federal Trade Commission has issued strict guidelines that prevent watch marketers from labeling their watches water-proof, so even the watch that you will purchase for scuba diving will not be labeled water-proof. The term is illegal and no longer used.” My friend seemed much happier and bought his watch the very next day.
  1. The label on my watch clearly states “water resistant to 50 meters” but the sales person informed me that I could only use this watch for swimming, not for diving or snorkeling.
The water-resistance levels are only useful if the watch and water is perfectly motionless. The tests to determine the water-resistance have been done in a controlled environment with no confounding factors. In the real world the swimmer and the water is in constant motion adding additional pressure to the watch. So although the label may clearly state that the watch is water-resistant to 50 meters, it means 50 meters in lab testing machines, and not in the swirling ocean currents or violent sprays of water during White Water Rafting.
  1. What are the different levels of water-resistance?
My friend did call me about a 100 times more before purchasing his watch. This was one of his more valid questions. I was in a great mood, so I tabulated my findings. My friend loves tables.

Water Resistance Rating
Watch Example
Water related work & fishing
NOT for swimming or diving
Surfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing & water sports
NOT suitable for diving
Professional Marine activity and serious water sports
NOT suitable for diving
Divers 100 m
MIN ISO standard for scuba diving at depths not requiring helium gas.
These watches are generally older watches
Suitable for scuba diving depths not requiring Helium gas
Most contemporary diver’s watches have this rating.
Suitable for saturation diving (helium enriched environments).
Watches designed for Helium mixed-gas diving will have additional markings.
  1. I have come across the abbreviation ATM when describing the watches water-resistance. What does it stand for?
ATM is an abbreviation for “atmosphere” which equals ten meters of water pressure.
  1. Does my watch maintain the same water-resistance indefinitely?
Absolutely not! Just like any piece of machinery – watches wear with time. Gaskets can become corroded or misshapen, hampering the effectiveness of the water-resistance. The cases can become dented creating tiny gaps where water can enter, and crystals can become loose or broken. As a result your watch needs preventative maintenance just like your car.
  1. I have just purchased my watch, when do I need to check the water-resistance?
Your watch needs to be checked at least once a year. In addition, the watch needs to be reexamined every time the case-back is open as the gaskets can become dislodged. Make sure that you take your watch only to a Service Center Authorized by the manufacturer.
  1. What else can affect my watch’s water-resistance?
· Exposing your watch to heat like entering a hot tub or a sauna can cause the gaskets to lose their shape and capability to keep out water.
· Certain chemicals such as heavily chlorinated water, hair spray and perfumes can work their way into the seams of the watch and damage the gaskets.
  1. What about the Watch Strap?
As in the watch case, the watch strap must be suitable for water wear. The most recommended strap materials are rubber, metal, plastic or nylon. Stay away from leather unless of course the leather has been treated to resist water, and guaranteed safe for swimming.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Tokyo Flash Watch Takes Breathalyzer Test

Tokyo Flash is known for unique time displays, but now they are unveiling a watch with a unique watch function as well.
Their latest innovation is an LCD digital watch which has the capability of measuring the blood alcohol level with the aid of a tiny functional breathalyzer and an internal computer.

Going out for a drink? Wondering if you have had one to many? Simply press the Alcohol Test button and breath into a port situated on the side of the watch. After a bit, the color on the LCD will change according to your blood alcohol level. Green shows extremely low or negligent alcohol content and red for "Man! You are seriously drunk. Give me the keys to your car!"
Crafted from stainless steel, available in black, the Tokyo Flash is operated via touch screen technology.

If this watch is really a reliable indicator of blood alcohol content, and it has been tested and retested to insure its accuracy, then I applaud its potentially life saving use. However, if this watch is prone to unreliable readings, then it can cause more harm then good.

This is a great idea by Tokyo Flash, but it must be understood that this watch is displayed not merely as a cute unique time display, but the representation of a serious condition and the impeded integrity of a person's cognitive functioning - the cause of many accidents and loss of lives.

I would love to see your comments on this one.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bell & Ross Takes a Gamble for Monaco for the 2011 Only Watch Auction

Bell & Ross pays tribute to Monaco, the site of the Only Watch Auction held by Antiquorum once every two years in September at the Monaco Yacht Show to raise charity for medical research of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

34 major watch brands are participating in this worthy cause. In order for a watch to partake in this auction it must be either the first watch of a limited edition, or a completely unique model. Watch brands go to great lengths to stand out, and the result is pure salivating eye candy to watch aficionados.

Bell & Ross BR 01 Casino Watch is fashioned after a roulette wheel. The model for the Only Watch Auction is crafted in 18k pink gold with alternating bands of black PVD. The Roulette Wheel Dial is the perfect arena to apply Bell & Ross Radar watch display, which consists of three moving discs displaying the hours, minutes and seconds. The watch case is based on Bell & Ross' signature BR01 models.

Although the 18k pink gold and black PVD is Bell & Ross watch of choice for the Auction, I like its more similar rendition of the roulette table all decked out in the traditional red, green, white and black colorations. Now seeing that you may want this watch to display the time, rather than beat the odds, one must know how time is told on this roulette wheel. The "0" travels around the watch in an analogous manner displaying the time and the white ball displays the minutes. The seconds looking very much like a roulette wheel central brass are displayed in the middle of the dial. Although the Bell & Ross BR 01 Casino Watch in gold and PVD will be a only watch, the more colorful steel roulette table look alike will be available in exclusive casino venues starting this coming October.

Watch brands participating in this years Only Watch Auction commencing on September 22nd are:
Audemars Piguet, Bell & Ross, Blancpain, Bovet, Breguet, Celsius X VI II, Chanel, Chaumet, Chopard, Corum, De Bethune, DeLaCour, DeWitt, Franck Muller, Frederique Constant, Girard-Perregaux, Harry Winston, Hermes, Hublot, Ikepod, Jaquet Droz, Laurent Ferrier, Louis Vuitton, Maurice Lacroix, MB&F, Montblanc, Patek Philippe, Piaget, Richard Mille, Romain Jerome, Tag Heuer, Ulysse Nardin, Urwerk, Vacheron Constantin, Van Cleef & Arpels, Vulcain, Zenith.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Girard-Perregaux Pays Tribute to JOHN "Longitude" HARRISON

Girard-Perregaux John Harrison pays tribute to the monumental strides made by
JOHN "Longitude" HARRISON and his lifelong quest to find longitude.

A champlevé enamel dial displays John Harrison's son William's Atlantic Ocean route from Portsmouth, England, to Port Royal, Jamaica and back. This is the precise route traveled by John Harrison’s son William to test the reliability of the H-4 watch.
The incredible detail on the dial was achieved by first engraving the outline of the map on a plate of white gold and then filling it by hand with enamel in blue and varying shades of green. The dial is then baked in a 800°C furnace, cooled and subsequently polished. The route is silvered powder - silver being the choice of metal used in the making of pocket watches of that time. The dial is surrounded by a white ring displaying names of world cities in black and Portsmouth and Port Royal in blue. Skeletonized hands display the time. The GP caliber 033G0 automatic 41mm watch is crafted in 18k white gold. On the rotor, dates of the H4 sea voyage are engraved. The entire movement is visible via a sapphire crystal case back andaffixed to the watch with six screws.
Water resistant to 50 mm and having a power reserve of 46 hours, the 50 pieces limited edition Girard- Perregaux World Timer John Harrison timepiece is a wonderful tribute to a watchmaking genius who struggled to get the recognition he deserved for his great contributions made to timekeeping.

In 2008, I blogged about John Harrison in great detail, based on Dava Sobel's novel, and I am pleased to be able to refer back to the blog ...

Finding a precise timekeeping instrument was a matter of life and death.
Mans struggle to determine longitude spanning four centuries, fueled the inventions of precise timekeepers. Timepieces which lost time, lost men at sea, as they were unable to calculate their location and wandered among invisible lines of longitude weaving in and out of degrees.
The 1600's and 1700's were perilous. Fleets of ships' sent out by hungry sovereigns on world exploration and to trade silks and spices were unable to determine their location. Some found land, some were too late spilling their scurvy riddled sailors onto an
Linkunmarked shore, others wandered aimlessly 20 degrees off coarse, some sunk in dark unforgiving waters. On October 22, 1707, four British Men 'O War sank just off the Cornish Coast. 2000 men were lost. In 1714, The British Parliament , aggravated by this obviously needless catastrophe, passed the Longitude Act: £20,000 or in today's reckoning - £2.87 million would be awarded to anyone who could invent a way to determine the precise longitude of a ship's location to within less than one degree.
Click here to read my post The Longitude Act of 1714. The desperate struggle for precision. An in depth review of Dava Sobel's novel - LONGITUDE

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

No introduction necessary for Rolex. It is a watch brand synonymous with success particularly in the business and sporting arena.
A Rolex glinting below a starched cuff sleeve, hints at great achievements and a certain knowing that this man is the real deal. A Rolex is an image maker - no doubt about that - not to mention the infallible resale value. I once asked a business associate of mine the reason why he keeps buying Rolex's'. His answer was colored by the recent news of the terrible tornadoes and other natural disasters,
"Simple enough, " he said, "If anything happens, I will just strap the Rolex's all the way up each arm" I got his point. Quips aside, Rolex watches are definite security items, and I suppose one can say "One can never be too thin, too rich or own too many Rolexes."

Rolex heeds to the call of enthusiastic Rolex collectors by constantly unveiling newer more brilliant mouth watering models which sends the "I must have one" tingles up and down ones spine and ending in the tips of ones fingers. The most recent "I must have model" is the newest edition to Rolexes 1963 Cosmograph Daytona collection. The Cosmograph Daytona is closely linked to the exhilarating automobile racing sports and named after one of the most renowned speedway's in the world - the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach Florida. In fact Rolex sponsors the Rolex 24 at Daytona, which is a 24 hour race of endurance held every year around the last weekend of January.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona evokes a passion for racing and a passion for precision in its measuring. The Chronograph movement can measure periods of time within an 1/8th of a second and a highly readable tachometer is forged into the bezel. The bezel itself is a culmination of intense research and development by Rolex creating a unique monobloc black Cerachrom comprised of an advanced ceramic compound which is highly resistant too scratches, corrosion and fading. The bezel numerals and symbols on the bezel are not simply engraved, but actually a complicated chemical process accomplished by depositing a fine layer of pink gold utilizing a magnetron sputtering PVD process.

Beneath a dial sporting perfectly placed sub dials, lies a precise chronograph, which has successfully undergone all the rigorous testing achieving the award of Chronometer by the COSC. The calibre 4130 movement, introduced in 2000, contains a Rolex designed column wheel and vertical clutch. The calibre 4130 has become increasingly reliable and precise over the last decade by reducing complexity and enabling a smoother function, The calibre 4130 harbors a Parachrom hairspring, which is crafted from a cutting edge alloy able to entirely resist magnetic fields and is ten times more shock absorbent than the regular hairspring materials. The hairspring is equipped with a Breguet overcoil.

The aesthetics of the watch is highly pleasing to say the least. The warm rich chocolate brown of the dial accentuates the Gold Arabic Numerals and 18ct pink gold hands. An American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) black leather strap fastened by an 18ct Everose gold Oysterlock folding clasp equipped with a sturdy safety catch ensures your Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona won't go astray. Large enough to be noticed, and small enough to maintain noticeable discretion, the 40mm 18ct Everose gold case is sporty yet elegant. A Screw down case back with Rolex fluting and screw-down, Triplock triple waterproofness system ensures 100 meters water resistancy.
The Calibre 4130 automatic movement is wound by a Bidirectional perpetual rotor on ball bearings.
Dependable phosphorescent material fills the hour markers and hands enabling read outs in dark conditions.
Functions include chronograph capable of measuring up to an 1/8th of a second, 30 minute and 12 hour totalizers, Tachymeter, small seconds at 6 'o'clock and stop seconds for precise time settings allow for maximum time tracking benefits wrapped up in a package of great worth and high regard.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Artistic Dials

Dials emerge among complications, chronographs and sports watches, vibrant in color and baring works of art worthy of display in many a museums. These dials fuse mechanical craftsmanship with
artistic masterpieces creating horological wonders.

The Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Tourbillon Lac is an extraordinary example of the mastery of mother-of-pearl inlay resulting in a dreamy landscape. The rocky outcrops surrounded by swirling colors are perfectly crafted pieces of mother-of-pearl originating from all the oceans of the world. At the 12 'o clock position, a tourbillon ensures gravity does not hinder the watch's impeccable timekeeping.

Cartier's Le Cirque Animalier Collection captures three dimensional bejeweled animals and contains them within the finest enclosures constructed from hand picked gems. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal ensures the utmost viewing pleasure and
incomparable clarity.

Alain Silberstein adds vibrant primary colors to his dials creating child-like images like pages from an infants hard board book. The Tourbillon D’Art Marine Blue Sea with its congenial date pointing star fish, maritime themed hand indicators and flustered looking fishy is wonderfully unique. Not to be swayed by the preschool presentation, a meticulously crafted tourbillon hides beneath the reeds.

Dimier, a sub brand of Bovet, presents recital 2. In this attractive timepiece flames lick the dial in dramatic curves cut out from the dial to display the Calibre DT7 movement beneath.

Magnificent dials nurture passion for timepieces, and nurture the passion for the movement that lies beneath.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An H for Hermès

Stately and elegant, the Hermès H our timepiece accentuates the lugs and bezel by boldly merging them into the shape of an H. Since 1996, the H design ,brainchild of Philippe Mouquet, proudly sports the letter representing the Hermès brand itself, and its distinguished presence in the world of Horology. The new H our collection still bares the signature bezel, but the new collection will frame a slightly different dial. The change is subtle yet distinct. The numeral on the left and right of the dial, are placed on their sides, facing inwards towards the dagger shaped hour and minute hands. The numerals above and below the dial are upright. Diamonds replace numbers, in some models, save for the bold 12 'o'clock numeral.

The watch is presented with a simple tool, which enables a change of strap to match the wearers mood. Two straps accompany the watch, an alligator and calfskin strap , and a Jacquard woven silk strap in a attractive herringbone motif. The silk strap comes in an array of exquisite color combinations, such as navy blue and black, taupe and ebony, bright red and Hermès red or ecru and dark beige.

For the very first time, the dial is available for men in a larger 32.2 mm x 32.2 mm size. This automatic mechanical timepiece is distinguished from the quartz version by a seconds hand and a date aperture at the 6 'o'clock position.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Movado Bold. Good For Movado. Good For You

Movado Bold is Movado's watch collection of today.
Looking at these watches, it comes as no surprise why these watches are gaining popularity.

The watches are bright and fun and really really affordable. They are calling for the younger generation... and the younger generation are a coming.
Movado took its "dot at the top" (I always love using Nathan George Hewitt's original name for this dial) Museum Dial and jazzed it up a bit. I like classical Movado Museum Watches, but I always felt they were a bit overbearing and slightly formal for the jeans and T shirt kind of guy. I mean, picture a Movado Museum Watch on a college student wearing a baseball cap, T shirt and flip flops, it just doesn't look right. I mean a Movado Museum Watch is a suit and tie kind of watch worn by people who are doctors or lawyers or professors or real estate agents.

The new vibrant Movado Bold Collection is modern, fun and just plain cool. This is a real "now generation watch".

The watches are crafted from a plastic polymer - pretty tough and resilient- or aluminum. The dots at the top are bold and colorful, but still highly recognizable as a Movado Watch.
The dials have different textures, but no numbers. As Nathan George Hewitt had said when he first patented the dial in the 1950's - he did not want numbers cluttering the dial.
The Movado Bold's are available in 36mm for around $295 and the larger 42mm watches are available for $325 - $350. Movado Bold is also available in Chronograph. There are so many different colors and patterns to choose with black or white leather straps. (I would love to see these in rubber straps), the chance of a favorite is a definite possibility. These watches make great graduation gifts.

Movado kept its basic Museum Watch design as it has been a Movado signature dial for years and years, and redecorated it. This bold move added to the recovery of Movado Group Inc's lagging sales from the past couple years. In a report just released by PR Newswire it stated,
" Net sales in the first quarter of fiscal 2011 increased 16.7% to $78.9 million compared to $67.6 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2010"
Efraim Grinberg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are very pleased with our top-line growth of 25% for the quarter, excluding sales of excess discontinued product last year. Our performance reflects improvement in the U.S. retail marketplace, as consumer demand began to increase and retailers return to normalized buying patterns in order to replenish their inventory levels. Additionally, we are pleased with the strong performance of our licensed brands as they continue to be very well received in the market. We are making progress in more strongly positioning our brands and enhancing our connection with consumers with the goal of maximizing our competitive advantage and gaining market share. We remain confident in the power of our iconic brands and in our ability to increase both our top- and bottom-line performance overtime"

Movado Group is the parent company of: Movado, Ebel, Concord, esq by Movado, Hugo Boss Watches, Coach Watches, Juicy Couture Timepieces, Lacoste Watches, Tommy Hilfiger Watches

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Omega Sights Set on Co-Axial Movement for All its New Watches

Omega's Co-axial movement is about to become the movement of choice for ALL new Omega watches. Omega has finally shaken the co-axial skepticism from the watch world that accompanied the introduction of this movement 12 years ago.
"The co-axial movement was launched 12 years ago and people were laughing at us then, " recollects Omega's president Stephen Urquhart.

Omega has researched and refined its original co-axial movement, and has unveiled an improved co-axial 9300/9301 calibre. Omega is confident with the co-axial 9300/9301 calibre movement, and plans to install a co-axial movement in every new Omega timepiece with an ultra precise and low maintenance co-axial movement.

One of the first co-axial recipients is the Speedmaster Chronograph: The Omega Co-axial Chronograph, which will house either a caliber 9300 or caliber 9301.
So what is the difference between the two?
As you can see (right image), the 9301 calibre is the higher end movement based on the types of metal used such as an 18k gold rotor, balance bridge and attractive blackened screws, balance wheel and barrels. The 9300 caliber is as efficient and low maintenance, but is be crafted predominantly from steel. Although the longevity of the calibre 9300 or 9301 has not yet been proven, the co-axial success as been proven by the calibre 8500.

So what makes a co-axial movement more efficient and less prone to wear and tear then other mechanical movement? Why is this movement gaining the reputation as one of the most influential watch technological advancements of our day?

The Omega Co-axial movements incorporate George Daniels’ Co-Axial escapement, and was designed from scratch. Leaping from the reliance of decades-old movement bases, escapements and winding mechanisms. The innovative twin barrels are covered by a diamond-like carbon coating, which increases longevity. Omega has created milestones in metallurgy in order to reduce friction, increase longevity, improve accuracy and heighten resilience. Other innovations include: Automatic winding system reversers equipped with ceramic bearings; a unique gearing system which enhances efficiency along the entire gear train; tri-level co-axial system (right inset) and a Si14 silicon balance. All these unique innovative ingredients serve to create a watch with excellent performance.

Another Co-axial recipient is the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, and this new diving watch has given the movement quite a pad. This new model is a whopping 45.50 mm in diameter and colorful too. The bright orange bezel stands out like an ocean buoy, accentuated by orange ringed pushers. Handy two register subdials and a chronograph subdial (3 'o'clock), and accentuated bold hands and hour markers are placed to ensure maximum visibility when most needed.

The 45.5mm Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Titanium Liquid Metal sports a stunning a blue dial and equipped with a Calibre 8500, which is housed in a titanium case. This has got to be one of the most handsome watches I have seen in a long time. The blue liquidmetal bezel surrounds a perfectly simple dial with hour markers coated in white super-LumiNova which emits a blue light. The minute hand glows green, as well as the diving dot on the bezel. I love the use of two different luminescent colors, which enhances read out clarity in murky conditions. The blue rubber strap compliments the dial and bezel color. This model is also available with a titanium bracelet. I have a feeling this watch will very fast become a coveted collectors item.
Drum Roll Please .............. Presenting the Omega De Ville Hour Vision Skeleton Platinum Limited Edition... and what a vision it is. Where shall I begin?
Only 88 timepieces will be available for $48,000. The Hour Vision Skeleton is powered by a co-axial calibre 8404 with silicon balance springs. Omega has a achieved an alluring modern look by keeping the skeletonization simple with clean lines. Hour markers divide rings which encircle the dial without detracting from the continuity. The Omega symbol seems to be suspended above movement, taking rightful credit for the alluring silicon spring balance, 18k carat gold skeletonized rotor, and the redness of the rubies add dashes of color to the metals of the movement. The 41mm Hour Vision case is crafted from platinum, and allows for one to view the movement from the sides as well as the back and front.

All of Omega's mechanical watches will now be synonymous with a co-axial movement. Although the newer co-axial versions ,Caliber 9300 and 9301, have not had the time to test for longevity, the Omega co-axial movements have proven themselves again and again.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chanel J12 Chromatic Ceramic Titanium Built Tough

Just by looking at the Chanel J12 Chromatic Ceramic Titanium watch, one can see this watch is crafted from some seriously sturdy stuff. The luster has a curious shimmer, the like of which I have never seen before. The name suggests some type of Ceramic Titanium blend - a suggestion of metallurgy advancements. Chanel spent hours of research and development, and finally came up with a material that was actually a titanium and diamond powder combined with a ceramic compound mixture achieving an intriguing metallic .
The watch is predominantly ceramic, an extremely hard and resilient material with high scratch resistance.
Rado is the company that first began experimenting with the hardiness of ceramic, for example one of the techniques they use is adding a layer of treated crushed diamond to the layer of ceramic thereby making the watch as hard as diamond. Ceramics, being tough an inexpensive, is now all the rage, and more watch companies such as Fossil and Michael Kors are utilizing this material more than ever. In addition many people who have metal allergies opt to use hypoallergenic ceramic instead.
Click here to read more about Rado and its vision.

The J12 Chromatic Ceramic Titanium encompasses 7 models catering to men and women including a smaller 33 mm model featuring a Quartz movement ; a 38 mm and 41 mm sporting automatic movements with round or baguette-cut diamonds.